05 February 2010

# Love # Love Bytes

Love Byte # 5 - Thank God , Its Friday :)

Love to me , is thanking HIM for him, a loving family and great friends..

Love to me , is thanking HIM for good times and bad ,
if he dint , I wouldn't know the difference between happy and sad..
its thanking HIM for allowing me to make mistakes ,
if he dint , I wouldn't feel the pain of losing and heartbreaks..

Love to me , is thanking HIM for not giving me everything I desire ,
if he did , I would lose interest and never aim any higher ..
its thanking HIM for not knowing everything there was to learn ,
if he did , I would have nothing to look forward to , nothing to yearn..

Love to me , is thanking HIM for everyone and everything,
even on days the troubles exceed the blessings...
its thanking HIM for always guiding me through,
even on days I forget to say " Thank You ".


  1. finally the first one to read your post...... too good piriya.....your love bites makes you feel to go fall in love atleast once an experience the feel...too good...keep up the good work.....:)

  2. Yes finally the first to read and more importantly the first to comment too :P :D
    As fr the xperience well i'm sure ull get lucky this year ;) :D ..All d best :) :)
    and thanks fr reading :)

  3. So nicely put Priya..
    flows rhythmically :-)
    me likey!

  4. Thnks ..wasnt quite happy wid dis one but u likey me happy :)
    What wud i do w/o u ? lotsa kisses !!

  5. fikarr not sister, this year sattu lala will not only xperience love but much more than love....so sattu best of luck for ur future which is right now in ur hand....:):):)
    and sis thanks for again reminding one different way of love.....keep on writing like this

  6. if u hv faith u can feel His presence in the .seemingly smallest of things.truly said priya Love is indeed thanking Him fr everything.Well written

  7. @ Misri ..Always welcome bhai ..tho like i said i particularly dint think i'd written this well but nothing makes me happier that you do :)
    Thnks a ton :) :)

  8. @ Mom ..thanks sooo much mommy !! I always believe you dont need to show the world you have faith ..its more than enough to have it inside u and feel its power !!


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