06 February 2010

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Love Byte # 6 - Soul Talkin

" You dont want to talk to me ? " , he asked her ..
" No , am done talking " she replied agitatedly ..
She knew she couldnt' brush him off but she was adamant,she dint want to talk to him .
But he was a patient man , not to mention persistent ...
Any other time , she would have liked his persistence ..not now ..
They had been arguing for the last half an hour
Topic for argument ..well they weren't even arguing about the topic that led to the argument any more ..
" Im not going to disconnect till you decide to talk , you can take your time "
She knew he was being stubborn .. and now she wanted to wring his neck ..
But if he was stubborn she was no less , she had decided she wouldn't relent either ..

Half an hour of "no conversation" later ..they started talkin again ..
Most of the steam had evaporated by then .. she apologized and so did he ..
He then told her " You can get as mad as you like , fight as much as you want but we'll never sleep over it " , and thats the promise they made to each other that night .
He hadn't let her go .. She always admired that about him ..
She still does ..

Being married to him , she's only realized the significance of what he taught her long back ..how important it was to communicate .. How " Communication " was the single most important ingredient that differentiates a good relationship from a great relationship ..
And thats what she strives for each day , to make her relationship great ..
And thats what Love is all about .. Its about Communication ..

A wise man once said, " Marry someone you can talk to , when you're old and grey , thats all that matters " :-)
A wise woman replied, " Marry someone you can talk to , when you're old and grey , thats all that you can do " :-P :-D


  1. And thats what I always believe in ..
    marry the one you can talk to..cz once all other faculties fail..the words remain.

  2. Thnks jassu and yeah ..Marry someone u can talk to ...esp if ur talkative ..hahahahhaha :P :D

  3. this ones great. Communication is the basis of any relationship not jst with the one u marry.It truly warmed my heart

  4. Indeed Mommy ..every relationship thrives on communication and the tools to communicate r endless ..what cant be said in words can sometimes be said with flowers or a hug or even silence ..
    So lots of * hugs * to u Mommy !!


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