01 March 2010

Celebrating Holi ..The Festival of Colors

Today is the 1st of march , the onset of spring ..more importantly its the festival of colors also known as Holi back home , a festival that brings in unadulterated joy ,mirth , dance ,music and bright colors and even though i'd promised id take a break from blogging for a couple of days i just couldnt resist the urge to share a little festivity :)

Holi has undoubtedly been the most boisterous and fun filled of all the Hindi festivals .. Holi is about squirting colored water , throwing colored powder , dunking friends in mud pools amidst teasing and laughter , getting intoxicated on booze and reveling with family and friends alike ..Holi is about being having fun and getting away with doing all the things which one wouldn't normally do , but has the approval to do it on the occasion of Holi ..coz as they say in Hindi ' bura na maano ..holi hai ' meaning one shouldn't feel offended coz its Holi ..Its about forgetting differences , bridging gaps and renewing bonds of love and friendship and on this joyous occasion of Holi, I hope that the bright colors of Holi bring in your life , the colors of joy , happiness , contentment , peace , love , friendship and all that your heart desires ..
Wishing all a very Happy Holi !!


  1. Happy Holi to you and Sachin as well! Hope you had some semblance of celebrating Holi there.. Haven't ever played with you..but ive heard youre super fun to play Holi with..
    Maybe someday.. :)

  2. I had never heard of Holi until now! I love it, though!! I think I need to celebrate Holi, for sure!!

  3. @ Jess ..Yeah maybe someday ..i hope so too and wishing u a Happy holi too .. * hugs *

    @ Mandy ..It sure is lots of fun back at home esp coz the whole family gets together and has such an awesome time :)

  4. hi priya missed .both u nd sachin on holi,its no fun with u guys not around

  5. Yeah mommy i know ..festivals are fun only if you're at home wid family :) hopefully next year :)


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