05 November 2011

Its been so long since I've seen your face ..

Where does one begin and what does one say when someone's been as bad as me and not penned down a single word , thought , happening these past 2 months .. I guess even sorry doesn't cut it :( .. 
The worst was when my own flesh and blood , my mom ( et tu Brutus ) commented on if I planned to resuscitate the blog in February with love bytes .. come to think of it - it wouldn't have been half as bad if this were the month of February instead of November ..after all love conquers all , right ?

So where have I been and what have I been upto .. lets just say ...

Couldn't resist sharing this forwarded message I received the other day , it really made me laugh out loud , but the truth be told ( with all the awesomeness ;) I can muster ) is that I've literally been all over the place with both good stuff and not so good stuff happening in plenty but I'm alive and kicking and grateful for everything .. infact couldn't sum it up better than this status message I posted on my wall the other day ..

" Sometimes things have a funny way of falling in place , like when you least expect them to , but then , just maybe , that's how its supposed to be .. "
and if they don't , bring out the lemons , the salt and that shot of tequila ;)

Have a great weekend.. Much love :)


  1. You are alive!!! joke...love you and glad you are back, because you are back right??

  2. Haha , yes am back and hopefully back for good Clau .. <3 ya too :)

  3. Nice to read from you in a long time.. But hadny you posted on dussehra too? an old blog reposted?
    Well, seems like we havent spoken spoken for a looong time, and im missing out on sm parts of you :(

  4. Yup Jassu that was an old post which btw I couldn't believe I had written like 2 years back ..time flies na ?
    and catching up is long due too ..sooon !

  5. Priya, you're back! I'm so happy to see you providing signs of life! I'm looking forward to reading new blog posts, lady! :)


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