21 August 2011

# Birthday Celebrations

Happy 2nd birthday :)

Yup ..I can't believe it but my blog officially turned 2 today ..needless to say its been quite the journey ..a journey I am proud of !!
I still remember when I wrote my first post ..elated as I was ..I wondered what next and so remained the question for many months - and then it slowly began to get easier...
However, having said that I must still admit that writing is and will not always be a piece of cake but whats important is I revel in it , and over the last two years I've particularly enjoyed writing about movies , travel and relationships ( like the new layout din't already spell it out for you ;) .. ) but it wouldn't be half as much fun if it weren't for all the comments, feedback that all you lovies keep sending my way ..
So thank you for being my friend on this journey and for being there ..it means a lot :)


  1. happy birthday to your blog! :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your blog! I am happy I stumbled upon it! or your stumbled upon me?? ah who cares right! hugs your way!

  3. Lookie... where ure headed.. two years already :)
    Happy Birthday My Reflections and its proud momi..

  4. It co-incides with my momi's bday ..heehehe.. U knew that right..

  5. @ Clau ... As long as we found each other , right sweets !!
    *hugs* to you too :)

    @ Jess ..Unbelievable I know ;)
    and looks like I forgot Aunty's bday but sending her way warm wishes on her special day and always <3

  6. Priya sweetie, happy bloggy birthday! How utterly exciting for your blog to already be two! Oh my goodness, how time flies! You should be proud of your accomplishments! You have a beautiful blog that is a delight to read. I'm anxiously awaiting the Hawaii Chronicles! :) Congratulations, sister!

  7. Happy birthday to you (your blog)!! I need to go check out some posts now! Thanks for stopping by mine.


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