01 August 2011

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Crazy , Stupid , LIFE !!

July has disappeared without so much as me blinking ..it seems to me the lesser I write the faster time flies ..
now is that how its supposed to be ?
Who knows , all I know is July was not such a blur either .. atleast not the first half ..when me and hubs took time off and went for a real vacation not a work cum pleasure vacation but a real one ... Weekend breaks are good and I'm glad to make good use of them as and when the time and money allows but after a while they just don't seem to cut it out for me ... my heart desires for a getaway that's longer than just the weekend
Infact isnt that what a getaway means ..
when you really get away ,
when you feel you've gotten away ..
Pardon me if I seem a bit carried away with all this getting away but you do get me right ?

Call me a romantic if you may but nothing beats the crap of everyday life than spending quality time together and doing what you enjoy most together be it travelling , watching a movie , going to a park , exercising ..hell even shopping counts .. the idea is to take out the time every once in a while , to stop and smell the roses .. and I mean it in the literal sense of the word too ...
coz the whole purpose is to slacken the pace of an otherwise crazy life and get away and we did just that on our trip to Hawaii .. and believe me when I tell you that we've been to quite a few places together but this trip , visiting Hawaii was an out of this world experience..
because Hawaii is a place with something for everyone , from the nature lover to the beach goer to the savvy shopper ...
a place with a little bit of all, from tropical rainforests to stunning waterfalls , from tranquil mountains and lush valleys to one very active volcano and even snow on the highest peaks ..not to mention the never ending stretch of gorgeous beaches ..
maybe its just the traveler in me falling in love with every new place I visit ..wanting to savour every moment , every sight , smell and every experience but its the truth .. and as a Jewish proverb goes ,
"No matter what happens, travel gives you a story to tell."

and so even with all its rockers and some shockers ..HAWAII is still every bit magical ..


  1. sounds like the perfect getaway! i am needing one of these!

  2. It was Faith , it just ended too soon but then all vacations do !

  3. Hawaii is magical...so beautiful and I agree, it has something for everyone. Definitely one of my most favorite trips ever!

  4. I can't wait to go back Ameena and methinks its one of those places you've got to see and feel to know how magical it is..*sigh* !!

  5. Priya, I love, love the new blog layout! So clean, crisp and easy on the eyes! Lovely! I am anxiously awaiting the Hawaii Chronicles, lady! How 'bout it? It's so great you got to have yourself some quality time with the hubs. Good for you!

  6. Thanks Bella ..I've been toying with changing the layout for a while and I am glad you like it ..I do too :)
    and Hawaiian Chronicles ..oh how I've been slacking but soon - promise and lots of photos too .. <3


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