18 May 2011

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For you , Joanie =)

I've been a bad , bad blogger but the sweetest thing happened to me like a week ago ..
well having a blogpost written especially for you qualifies as the sweetest thing , doesn't it ??

and moreover it also reminded me that friendships created over the course of writing a blog and sharing your life / experiences are very real and special .. and I'm lucky to have come to know some of these very wonderful people ..

and one of these is Joanie.. She's no stranger to my blog having guest posted earlier this year
sharing what 'Love' means to her and I tell you just with that one post she won so many hearts ..
I ain't a mommy yet but its almost like I can feel her love in her words for her children , for her family and I love that about her ..the most precious moment being - seeing her dream of having a lil girl after 3 boys come true ..

and you would agree if I said I just had to , had to be part of such awesomeness..
So here's what I did , I sent her a lil pressie for her princess ..and here she is wearing it ..
Its taken her almost a year to grow into it but its been worth the wait and those big beautiful eyes ..I'm in love ..
Thanks Jo for such a heartfelt post and the mini photo shoot, you made my day, my friend :))
<3 <3 <3 to you and your beautiful family ..


  1. yes you've been bad!!! (don't really want to make you feel bad :0 )

    I was thinking of you today!!

    That outfit is super cute and Lola is the cutest baby girl!


  2. I feel so very blessed to have met you, Priya! You have become so dear to me since we met online and I hope someday that we can meet in person. Thank you for this post...you totally made my day! Much love for you!

    - Joanie

  3. @ Clau ..I know but I hope to be good now and I was thinking about you too ..Hope you're doing good ..when do the kids get off from school for summers ?

    @ Joanie ..I hope to meet you someday too dearie ..won't that be amazing ??
    and you're welcome for the post ..<3 <3

  4. Priya it's all good! The girls get out of school on June 3rd...that less than three weeks, I am counting the days! and then I will be counting the days until they go back to school lol!

    I got me a bike and plan to learn how to ride it this summer it's not new but it's one I can call my own!

    Hope you are good too!

  5. Priya, Joannie's girl is a the most beautiful baby girl I've seen in a long time! OMG she reminds me of the Gerber baby! So cute! I'm glad to see a new post from you, lady. We've missed you! :)

  6. I'm so behind, So sweet the post and that cutie pie in her stylin beach wear.


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