03 April 2011

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Its a dream come BLUE India ..

To many around the World , yesterday still seems surreal ..after all its not everyday you win the coveted WORLD CUP ..
but Team INDIA has done it ,
Team INDIA has done us proud ..
and they are well deservingly the new WORLD CUP Champions ..
Woooohoooooooooooooo :D :D

I can tell you its been a long and arduous wait - 28 years and for most , like me ,having little or no recollection of that historic day in 1983 when it all first happened , this is what we've craved and prayed for -
to see India rewrite history once in our lifetime ..
and the dreams of a billion Indians for whom cricket is religion , for whom cricket is life have FINALLY been fulfilled ..

It really doesn't get any bigger or better than this and I am certain that every Indian , however ardent a fan of cricket he may or may not be , is still a very proud Indian today..

My favorite moment of the day most definitely was when Sachin Tendulkar said " It’s the proudest moment of my life. It’s never too late... "

For someone whose been around 21 long years and whose unflinching dedication to the sport and nation is and will be an inspiration for generations to come ...
Indeed , its never too late ..

This one's for you Sachin , from your team and from every Indian - an early , but surely the best'est' birthday gift ..
Happy Birthday ..

Image Courtesy : EspnCricinfo.com


  1. i don't follow cricket but just wanted to say, congrats! that is a huge accomplishment! couldn't happen to a better country!

    my dad is excited! he goes to India every year ... actually leaves in a few days & he is stoked! :)

  2. Oh wow! Congratulations to India...It sure is a wonderful feeling rooting for your team colors and singing your national anthem at such an special event isn't it?? Congrats again my Dear! Thanks for your lovely comment on my post! Happy Sunday!

  3. @ Faith ..This will take a while to sink in and your dad just might get lucky coz the celebrations aren't stopping any time soon :D

    @ Clau ..It definitely is dearie .. and you're welcome ..Have a happy Sunday too .. xoxo

  4. Not quite being the cricket follower, I couldn't help but be influenced by your enthusiam andnpride in India's win! Woo hoo indeed! Go India! You see, now I'm all riled up and like I said, I don't even follow cricket. This is all your fault! :)

  5. this has been big news around these parts with all my family. kinda makes me wish i actually understood the sport! ;)

  6. I live in India so the celebrations were everywhere. Well done - Fabulous news. Shah, X

  7. @ Bella ..hahaha ..excitement is always contagious :D

    @ Sheba ..It really isn't that difficult , what it does require is a lot of patience ;)

    @ Shah ..Wow really ..which part of India do you live in ? and we had reason to celebrate din't we :D

  8. I don't follow cricket, but YAY to India!

    Thanks so much for your opinion on the flower photos.

    Big hugs!
    B xx


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