09 March 2011

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Belgian Chronicles # Rocker Vs Shocker

Remember this , my first post of the year ?
Well life certainly seems to be making plans for me ..how else can I explain the most unexpected / unplanned trips of all ..all I can say is whichever way it happened , I am certainly thankful .. ( to you too my hubs ) ..
We might be short on time but I still managed to visit not only Brussels , but Bruges ( thanks Bella for the advice ) and best'est' of all PARIS and the only way I can relive this fantabulous vacation is penning down my experiences on this sojourn and so with immense pleasure I bring to you the " Belgian Chronicles " edition ..

They say “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” and first impressions are almost always the truest ..so here are some of mine ..

  • * A 'No Smoking' room meant getting a room that apparently reeked of smoke ...Before you come to conclusions perhaps it would be fair to tell you that the hotel we put up in def ranks as the worst hotel we've stayed in ever ..I mean lifetime ever .. but since it was prearranged for us, being an official trip, we had to grin and bear it ..
* Shocker *

  • * Bus drivers ( both male and female ) are the most ingenious people I came across - the dexterity with which they drive the biggest of the buses on the smallest of roads .. hats off !!
Definitely a ** Rocker **
(and just for this I am willing to ignore the annoying fact that buses never stop at a bus stop , always 10 to 15 ft ahead of the bus stop Confused Yellow Smiley Face Smile Images ..)
  • Moving staircases better known as escalators are meant for running / walking up ..If you're standing comfortably and not running up ( Lord forbid if you are ..) you're most definitely a tourist.. I would understand running / walking up the escalator once in a while if you're missing a bus/ tram/train but always , everyone ??
* Shocker *
  • If you know the right place , you're definitely in for the most amazing frites or fries , chocolates and beer .. I have fallen in love with the chocolates from Galler ..if you've not had them , you must and when you do , think of me and ship some my way too ..you'll forever be my best friend !!
Double ** Rocker **
  • You have to pay for everything ..and I mean literally everything ..
  1. Tourist maps are free ..right ?? Wrong ..they're available for .50 euros ...and that makes it the only place where I've paid for a tourist map.. * Shocker *
  2. General Shopping - be sure to carry a bag coz plastic bags aren't free ...I support eco friendly so I do agree that the only way to cut down on plastic bag consumption is to ask ppl to pay ..This one gets my support - ** Rocker **
  3. Going to have a burger , be prepared to pay for burger and ketchup ( .60 euros )..Maybe being in America has spoiled me but even back home in India ketchup in restaurants is free ..* Shocker *
  4. If the above doesn't rattle you this will , every time you use a public restroom you have to pay .30 to .50 euros ( even restaurant restrooms are not free ) ..and judging by the number of times I need to use the restroom ..well.. there's where all my money for shopping went So Sad Crying Yellow Smiley Face Gifs Images ..I'm telling you someone should have prepared me for this ...coz seriously for me , when I'm travelling , looking up a restroom within running distance is perhaps as important as researching the tourist attraction .. **Whammy Shocker ****

I'm not saying I din't enjoy myself but one invariably compares it to what you have back home ..I always do , do you ?
and have you been somewhere you found a rocker/shocker you'd like to share ?


  1. Aww.. Love the chronicles :)
    and the rocker/shocker smileys are soo cute.
    The paying for all things.. not so cool! i mean tourist maps!! :-O
    But I want more.. picture story please..please :)

  2. So enjoyed this post - and the visual effects were just too cute. Welcome, back and I'm glad you're going places. Seems like we have another thing in the common - the need to run to the ladies! ;)

  3. AH! sounds like you were in Tijuana...the bus drivers and paying for public restrooms. xoxo Dear Priya!

  4. @ Jassu ..Thank you , thank you ..glad you like them and picture story coming up next ..xoxo :))

    @ Corinne ..Hahaha ..my P-Buddy ;) ..nothing binds us together like the need to go :P :D

    @ Claud ..I was reminded of bus driving in India too , its prob similar to Tijuana but these guys , they were really good ..no margin of error and thats commendable !
    xoxo :)

  5. OMG Priya, I warned you about the map charge but I think I forgot to warn you about the restroom fee! Sorry 'bout that, love! If it's any consolation, I feel your pain. I have kidneys the size of lima beans and every time I go out I end up spending a fair share of a euro on trips to the potty alone! Shocker, eh? I think the bathroom charge is absolutely ridiculous! I so enjoyed this post, amiga!

  6. Lima beans ... Tell me about it ;)
    Anyways thanks for all the help esp about visiting Bruges and glad u enjoyed the post :)
    Also do we have Galler chocolates where you live ? I have to find a way to be able to have them ..they're heavenly !!

  7. You clever girl. Entertaining read. Where are the photos! I want to see photos!

  8. when i went to belgium for a weekend all i ate was waffles....breakfast, lunch and dinner x2

    good memories....

  9. I love having to pay for plastic bags! If only everywhere was like that! :) It sounds like you had a lovely trip, I'd love to see pictures.

  10. @ Una .. a picture story coming up next :) and I missed ya in bloggy world :D

    @ The Childlike Empress ..hahaha , if I dint have to worry about an xtra couple of pounds , I would have had them day in day out too ;)

    @ Christie ..Hola my friend ..been a while since I saw you ...and your wish my command ..pictures coming up soon :)


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