10 August 2011

# Friendship

Changing hearts ..

Sunday the 7th of Aug was Friendship day , which is when this post was supposed to be up but then sometimes in my case well begun is literally ' half ' done :P .. anyways here it is ..
My FB page is inundated with friendship day messages yet most of them seem perfunctory ..perhaps one of the reasons why I wish to refrain from posting any ' friendship ' messages today..
I still believe in the institution of friendship but I'd much rather celebrate and rejoice in the company of good friends all year round than wish each other this one day and forget they existed the remaining days..and as rhetorical as it sounds , its what I've come to believe in ..
blame it on all the exciting episodes I've had with people I thought were my friends or
blame it all on just growing up ..
either ways the meaning of ' friendship ' has changed ..
and every time I wrote a post about friendship that change was even more apparant whether it was about friends growing apart or about moving on or even about reuniting with a lost friend ..

And who knows it might change to mean something else in the future but for now I want to remember it as this ..

It might hurt to let go

sometimes a little , sometimes more ..

but let not despair in your heart grow

for every friend that turns a foe ,

there's always a good one in store

to rekindle the flames of friendship aglow..

Happy Friendship day to you and your best friends :)


  1. This was a very good post - so true! Sometimes a friend does turn into a foe and yet another friend ends up being such a gem you remember why you value true friends!!

  2. I couldn't agree more and thank you for stopping by too :)

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  4. priya my dear you are the lucky winner! you may choose any item from either of my shops!! Happy weekend!

  5. Very wise advice. My dad was in the Army for 22 years and growing up that way I never really formed any lasting friends because we moved so much. It is still a struggle to keep friends but I have a select few who don't let me down and I don't let them down, so I guess that is okay. I came over from a blog hop and now follow you thru GFC and Facebook. I would really appreciate a follow back on both whenever you get the chance. Thanks so very much and have a peaceful weekend.


  6. Visiting and following you from You Like Me! Friday Blog Hop. Please check out my blog and would love a follow back,thanks.

  7. Great post! My mom and me have a little "best friends" thingy. Ha I doubt she'll ever change into my foe though (or I hope!). Great blog, am a new follower :).


  8. I felt sad reading this. If people like yourself could have friends turning into foes.. wonder what lil hope's left for the likes of me :(

    Happy Friendship's Life.
    (I do not want to use the word Day! :P)
    God Bless you..all who you love.

  9. I didn't even realise there was a friendship day. I'm sorry I missed out on it.

    But I love and adore my friends so I hop they know how much they mean to me.

  10. @ April ..thanks for stopping by too :)

    @ Clau ..yayyy..am so happy to have won and you know I love your pretty stationery ..always !

    @ Mary ..A handful of good friends is all one needs and thank you for the follow ..will drop in soon :)

    @ asiadeli ..thanks for dropping in !

    @ Marlee ..Moms are the kinds of friends who never go away even when you want them to :P
    so I'm pretty sure yours is no exception :)

    @ Jass ..Its all part of growing up , right ?

    @ Gracie ..I am sure they know that they are loved and that you're a keeper too :)

  11. Does growing up mean growing apart from friends?

  12. Sometimes growing up leads to growing apart Jassu ..not that one wants to intentionally ..it jst happens !

  13. Resigned acceptance of this fact is so not comforting :((


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