15 April 2011

# Exercise # Zumba

I get knocked down , but I get up again ...

So today was Day 2 of Zumba ..and guess who didn't turn up for class ...
Guess , guess .. Thinking Yellow Smiley Face Smile Images

Yeah you're right , it was the old lady ..
So much for cheers of ' more , more ' and not that she was my competition
but hehehehe .. guess who's having the last laugh ..
if laughing for a nanosecond counts .. that is ..
coz the other surprise was I was the only one for class today ..

Ideally you'd love the one on one session having paid for a group session but in Zumbaaa ..no way, Jose ..

Either ways I was high on confidence , my mind misleading my body to think I was better equipped to handle Day 2 ..
... yeah for about 10 mins .. and then the realisation dawned..
By the end of the class it felt like I was all over the place ..my arms flailing in all directions , my legs din't know left step from right or vice versa and need I say co-ordination sucked ...
The trainer must have gauged my predicament from my shameful sheepish grins and said for a beginner I was doing really well -
but as frustrated I was , the bitchy me almost replied - Geeee thanks - am I not suffering enough ?
but better sense prevailed and the pleasant me smiled for the much needed encouragement ..

What also encouraged me were Erika Harris's words ..she aptly said,"I frequently-regularly-often trip while reaching for my high ideals. Then I giggle, or cry, and get back up."

So I'm going to giggle and cry about it here on my blog ..
and maybe , just maybe in a couple of years months have the courage to brag and post pics , like Corinne asked ..

and pics reminds me of the Brussels post , I was supposed to do ..
Surprised Smiley Smile Images
After dinner tonight ...
Promise !!


  1. If it's any consolation to you, I would die on a one on one. No wait, I'd never even sign up for a zumba class in the first place! So don't be too hard on yourself, Pri. If you won't post pics, put up a vid then ;)

  2. where you doing it maybe i'll come join. You can email me. I'll make you look good.

  3. @ Corinne ..I think I'd concentrate on pics first , a video would be too ambitious ..hehehehe :D

    @ Una ..Girl ,where've u been ? Missed ya and yeah sure I'll give u the address but who makes who look good -that we'll have to wait and watch ;)

  4. A one on one for Zumba! Oh my! To have been a fly on the wall of that gym...:) I'm with Corinne, photos or video...or both!

  5. One to one?? no way! You should be proud of yourself you were the only one who came back! lol!

  6. wow.. i feel for you... group- manageable.. but alone.. woow..
    yeah but wud love to see pics or a video :)

  7. be proud just for the fact that you made it! even if you felt you were all over the place ... you braved the 2nd day so congrats to you!

  8. Who's Zumba, anyway?
    Am I missing something here?

    Have a great week ahead.!

    B xx

  9. @ Bella .. patience my friend ..patience pays ;)

    @ Clau ..hahaha ..if you put it like that - I guess I am proud of myself :D

    @ Sneha ..maybe you could come over and see the real deal ??

    @ Faith ..thanks for the motivation dear - I could do with lots of it right now :)


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