08 November 2011

Love in the Lone State ..

I've had a lot of time this past week - one of the perks of accompanying the husband on work trips ..others being relaxing , eating out , shopping , catching up on sleep and conversations , also bringing myself upto speed on all the writing and reading I've been missing in this bloggy world and speaking of which I read this great article on love and marriage last night .. part of the Modern Love column series published in the NY times.
While you can read the entire article here , I'll just share the part which reverberated most with me ...

"My husband and I don’t have a great “meeting” story. We met in a conventional way and had a conventional wedding. And in some sense, we lead a conventional life.
But my husband has seen me at my worst, at my most vile. And he has seen me at my best. He knows the things I don’t tell anyone, and the lies that I tell everyone but him. I have made sacrifices for him and been angry about it. Sometimes his flaws are so egregious, so blatant, they are all I see. And sometimes his kindness is so stunning that I am humbled.

And that’s love. Big, epic, fairy-tale love. The kind of love people write about. The kind of love that could inspire a poem."

The kind of love that for me could inspire the next blog post maybe :P
-a blog post on my one week's epicurean lifestyle in this city of Texas called Houston ..which btw lasts another 2 days so if you've been here , share some wisdom on the best of the best , will you :)


  1. That article sounds like it would be a really interesting to read. Sometimes the simplest love stories are the best :)

  2. Looks like a very interesting article. Definitely who knows you better that your mate?

  3. Okay, the photo on this post just made me melt into a big puddle of goo! I've bookmarked your link and will surely stop by for a read! Keep these blog posts coming, lady! :)

  4. Sweet!!! So very true! As I read the little piece you wrote down my heart hung on each word!

    Glad to have you back in blog world! You've been missed :)


  5. @ Gracie ..I couldn't agree more :)

    @ Clau ..Absolutely ..one's spouse is one's best friend and worst enemy :P

    @ Bella ..Awww ..thanks B for the support always :)

    @ Kary ..Thanks a bunch dear ..I missed this part of the world too ..

  6. i am absolutely loving those lines you chose to share. and funny enough, i do feel like that!!! one day, i'm going to share the exact same lines on my blog... i hope you don't mind!!!


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