29 March 2011

Belgian Chronicles # Bustling Brussels ..

I cant believe March is almost over ..here I was all eager to pen down my experiences , managed the first one too ..
but then the 'unexpected' happens..Infact more and more I am inclined to believe that 'Unexpected ' is going to be the trend for me , this year ..
No reason to complain , you argue ?
I guess .. coz if nothing much it sure makes life interesting , right ?

But easier said than done I guess ..so much has been happening in my life right now or maybe just in my head ..I still ain't quite sure but whatever the case , you would agree if I said once in a while , it does good to just step back and breathe ..

More interestingly , I read somewhere that the time to enjoy a European vacation is three weeks after unpacking ;)
So let the enjoyment begin .. ** glasses clinking **

This first picture , as blurred as it is , is one of my favorites , coz no sooner does the camera makes it's way out ..the glare follows , the glare that reads , " Whaaat ..a picture , really ?? at the airport ..this is embarrassing "

No hubs darling , this is not embarrassing , this is marriage ..I love doing it coz you hate it soooo ..
hahhahahaha ...mwaaahahahhahaha :D
This next picture is where we stayed ..and it gets the award for being the worst hotel ever ...
Did I tell you that even air conditioning is on request and chargeable ..duhhhhhhhhh !!

To the good part now ..city sightseeing ...
Described by Victor Hugo as "the most beautiful square in Europe," , the next two pics are of the Grand Place ..
This memorable landmark is located in the very heart of Brussels yet its surprisingly hidden, accessible only through the narrow alleys that lead up to the cobblestone square ..but be prepared to be charmed instantly as you gaze in awe at the baroque guildhalls and the gothic architecture ..
The courtyard also houses the Town hall or the Hôtel de Ville another Gothic masterpiece dating back to 1402 ..

3 blocks from the Grand Place square , located on the corner of Stoofstraat lies another famous attraction the Mannekin Pis .. a little boy peeing into a fountain. Plenty of folkore surrounds the existence of this bronze statue but he's definitely the most photographed and has quite the fan following ..
Infact , few know that there are two more statues the Jeanneke Pis - a statue of a girl relieving herself erected in 1987 and the Zinnekin Pis - the statue of a dog peeing erected in 1998. Jeanneke Pis is tucked away behind some bars just outside Delerium cafe on Rue de Bouchers ..

Just writing about all this is making me hungry coz after all the sightseeing we did , we had the most awesome waffles or " des gaufres " ..the best part , you can top it with ..strawberries ,bananas, whipped cream , chocolate syrup , caramel syrup , icecream ..anything you like , you name it and you get it ..We just stuck to a topping of Nutella and it was so delicious ...my mouth waters for it still ..

If only it dint have like a hundred thousand calories , maybe I would have had the heart to have another one .. Do you think about what you're eating when travelling or do you give into such sinful temptation?


  1. Finally :) the belgian picture story I was looking frwd too..
    Great reading Priya.. And ya totally hate that hotel. Post the name ..
    So no body makes a mistake of heading there..
    Look frwd to France..if you're planning one tthat is :)

  2. yay! that is a lovely blurry picture!

  3. great photos! i want a waffle!

  4. What is with all those statues of girls and animals peeing ? Bonkas! Oh but the waffles and the architecture. Worth the crappy hotel?

    When on holiday I tend to overeat and drink - then blitz myself when I return. You gotta enjoy your holiday without those constraints I think. Shah .X

  5. Loved looking at the photos of your Belgian tour, Priya! We've missed you! Do write more about your trip! You still have to tell us about Brugges, that magical place! That hotel looks absolutely dreadful. I'm glad you were able to stay positive in spite of it and that the "gaufres" more than made up for it! :)

  6. @ Jass ..def planning one on France but hold on lady - there's plenty of scoop left on Belgium too ;)

    @ Clau ..thanks sweetheart :)

    @ Sheba ..haha ..I knew it :D

    @ Shah ..Absolutely , fuhget the calories right ;)

    @ Bella ..Aww ..missed being in blogoland too and thanks love ..and yes , I have plenty more to share ..sooon - promise ..

  7. Thank you for entering the giveaway Dear Priya! Best of luck to you! Hope your good xoxo your way!


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