13 April 2011

# Exercise # Zumba

Killing me softly with a song ;-)

Its been a while since I felt this happy .. and guilty as charged - Zumba hogs the credit for it..

though that wasn't quite the sentiment barely 10 mins into the class when I found myself huffing and puffing like an old woman whilst the ' literally ' old woman next to me cheered for more ..

or the thought last night when the joints in my body decided to pull a coup d’etat, yelling ' Torture '

coz it really , really hurts the first day ..
and if truth be spoken it does the next day too ...
* wincing in pain *

but in my case - deservingly so coz I've been a lazy ass for a long time now ..

If only I knew Zumba had the power to kill me and uplift me at the same time , you betcha I would have done it sooner ..coz as much as I hate exercising or going to the gym , I love eating ..
and even more , I love dancing ..

So my dear Calories ..screw you ..
I've found your nemesis..
and together we're taking you down .. Samurai Smiley Gifs Images

P.S ..tomorrow comes part 2 of Bustling Brussels - about time you'd say ?
Yeah yeah - whatever :P :D


  1. I lOVE Zumba!!! I went to one class and I need to find one closer to me to sign up for, it's so fun!!

  2. (even though I look dumb, haha)

  3. I want to try Zumba!
    I'm really glad to be back, I really missed the blogging and the bloggy friends! <3

  4. Oh my! I've never had a zumbaaaa class before or gym or exercise of any kind I really should I am not getting any younger!!

    I had a neighbor once he was big and he was in a zumba class and he said he enjoyed it very much specially looking at all the girls! pervert!

    Hope your classes go smoother! much love my Dear!

  5. Lady, what I would have done to be a fly on the wall of that zumba class just to see the old lady! OMG you had me laughing with this! I want to Zumba too! I've never "zumbad!" Me wants Zumba! Now look what you've done! :) Yay for Brussels tomorrow!

  6. @ Krystal..It def is loads of fun :) and trust me where looking dumb is concerned you're not alone sistah :P

    @ Christie ... Find a class near you quick ..I am sure there's one - you won't regret it !!
    and welcome back :))

    @ Clau .. I will have to wait and see who turns up in tomorrow's class - as of now there are only ladies and 'old' ladies ;)

    @ Bella ..Hehe ..she was a hiker wearing a Lake Tahoe tee from Lake Tahoe ..I am sure you would have a thing or two to write about her and I would have loved that post ;D

  7. Enjoy, Pri. And we want pics of you zumba-ing!

  8. C , that will have to wait till I'm good - make that really good at it and that should take a while :P

  9. heehe... zumbaa...
    i soo wish i was there with u for this one.. wud love to see u dancing once more.. and i wud love a lil dance myself..
    i checked out a couple of videos on youtube.. looks like a lot of fun :)

  10. Saaaneha - it really is a lot of fun not to mention a lot of exercise and I could do with some , right :P


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