06 June 2011

The Royal Wedding Invitation arrives *_*

Yipeeeeeeee , Wowieeeeee .....
While I catch my breath , lets just watch it once more ...

I haven't stopped swoonin since this came out yesterday ..
but as bad as I feel for Jacob , Edward still has my heart <3

and this is already my favorite movie love quote of the year ..

"No measure of time with you will be long enough..

but we'll start with Forever."


  1. Poor Edward! I only saw the first movie...what is this the third one?, I gotta catch up!! saludos mi amiga xoxo

  2. Its the fourth and last one Clau divided into two parts , part 1 releasing in November this year and part 2 slated for next year ..
    I didn't like the second one New Moon but the third one Eclipse was quite good ..
    This one ..oohhh I'm sighing and squealing at the same time .. you must catch up dear and then we'll discuss at length :))

  3. I think I pity the wrong guy ah! Edward marries the right?? I like the wolf guy

  4. Ooh I like Jacob too ..he's transformed himself into this hottie but Edward (Rob Patz) has my heart ..and yes he marries Bella finally in this part ..

    but Twilight or no Twilight I loove , love Rob Patz ..he's my crush ..
    Have you seen him in the movie Remember Me ..if not , you should ..he's acted brilliantly in it ..

  5. I've only watched the first two, I'm so behind! Is this the last one?

    I'm following you back now too, thanks so much for stopping by my blog!


  6. This is the last one but its divided in two parts and you still have time to follow it ..


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