15 August 2011

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Movie Mondays - Summer favorites !!

I haven't done this in a while ..come to think of it the last movie I wrote about was Midnight in Paris back in June.. but by now you must know that hubs and me watch as many movies as we can ..so here's a couple of them I really loved , laughed and adored ( even cried ) these past months or so ..
First on that list Horrible Bosses - All I want to say about this one is that its freakin HILARIOUS , hands down the best comedy caper of the year and that if you haven't seen it yet , you've got to see it like NOW .. like asap !

ZNMD is truly the best Hindi movie I've seen like in a long long time and I loved every bit , every frame of it ..the fact that its shot in Spain is an added incentive but even otherwise there's a certain relatability associated with the kind of films Farhan Akhtar makes ..the kind that makes it all too realistic and believable and yet inspires you to dream ..

and speaking of dream , Crazy, Stupid , Love reminded me of how love has the power to make you go crazy and feel stupid all at the same time .. I don't mean for this to be a spoiler but one of the most poignant scenes in the film is the conversation the protagonists share on a bench outside the classroom that got me .. and then I saw Ryan Gosling's booty ..is he hot or is HE HOT ..and as I still swoon over him , I also remember him in Blue Valentine ..wasn't that one sad-happy-sad movie ?

The next two movies I wouldn't have watched if it weren't for hubs but I'm glad I did ..
Conviction is the inspirational true story of Betty Anne Waters , a sister whose unflinching belief in her brother leads her to finish law school , fight the system and overturn her brother's unjust wrongful conviction .. The movie took 9 years to make and was almost shelved due to lack of funds but its one of those movies that take you beyond just film making , it takes you on the extra ordinary journey of how far one is willing to sacrifice for the sake of family ..

And if the above gets you all in knots , here's one to help you unwind ..and while some may contend that this crazy goofy social satire belongs to Jim Carrey all the way , I'll tell you that Ewan Mcgregor is quite the revelation , bringing in just the right amount of sweetness to make you love him too .. Admittedly the movie is quite brazen , inappropriate and ridiculous but therein lies the movie's USP ..
This is not even half the list but I was worried you'd run away :P
So assuming you're still with me , tell me , have you seen the above movies ? What did you think of them ? and do you have any recommendations ?


  1. Oh my dear Priya! this summer I've watched so many movies too! mostly kids movies, comedies and a few of romance just by myself. I saw Blue Valentine and the rest will go on my list...yes I do have a list the problem is there's five of us here and too many request for netflix sometimes we get an unexpected "YES!!! I ordered Handy Manny!"

    My husband likes zombie movies where they kill the girls in tiny shorts and they cut their limbs apart and lots of blood he really enjoys them...he gets a blast and says that's what she gets for being so stupid! I stick by him and close my eyes when the blood is coming out!

    Anyways your list is great!

    Have great day my dear!

  2. Awww Clau ..I can't even imagine how crazy it must get when all five of you want to watch five diff movies but there's a good learning right there abt sharing and caring :)

    Zombie movies ..aahhhh ..I hate movies with gore ..hats off to you for hanging in while he watches but kids movies - anytime , infact I just saw Toy Story and Toy Story 2 ..would you believe it I had been slacking till now !!

    Toy Story 3 is on my list next ..and the Wedding Singer too ..have you seen them ?

  3. Yes, we saw Toy Story 3! You should totally see it now that you've seen 1 & 2 The Wedding singer I think I saw it but a while back...so I think it needs to go back on my list lol!

    Don't forget to let me know your prize Priya!

  4. Priya, I am looking forward to seeing "Horrible Bosses." I'm so glad you reviewed it cause I was having my doubts on whether it was funny enough to see or not. I saw the trailer for Crazy, Stupid Love and I don't know...maybe. I'm not really a Julianne Moore fan. Although now that you mention Ryan's booty, I'm starting to think maybe I should rethink my decision! Thanks for sharing these reviews. I really love and look forward to them! :)

  5. All the movies you've listed look good. I'd be interested in watching them, especially ZNMD. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)

  6. @ Claudia ..The wedding singer was really cute and Toy Story 3 - you'll be the first to know as soon as we see it <3

    @ Bella ..Don't even think twice about watching Horrible bosses - you'll be in splits , I promise :D
    As for Crazy, Stupid , Love watch it for the Bro-mance and the booty ;) coz if its any consolation Julianne anyway seems a clear misfit :P

  7. I haven't seen many movies lately. But I will have to check out some of these.

    As for the skirts I can probably only get one skirt :( But it's alright maybe I can get another one later.

    And I got your great postcard! Thank you!

  8. @ Paz ..I am sure you'll enjoy ZNMD :) thnk you for droppin in too :))

    @ Gracie ..I was beginnin to wonder if you had recd the postcard or not but happy you like it :)
    and have you decided which color are you going to go in for first - coral ;)

  9. i so want to see more than half of the movies you listed here! i just need to find the time to see them all because they are all going to be out of the theater before i know it!


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