20 June 2011

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Movie Mondays - Midnight in Paris !

Arguably one of the best movies I've seen this year , Midnight in Paris had me nudging the husband and smiling ear to ear in as much as the first two mins .. coz the movie opens with a montage of Paris's tourist landmarks and having visted Paris barely 3 months back , 2 mins were all it took to wish I could go back ..

and ironically enough this feeling of ' nostalgia ' is wherein lies the heart of this story , coercing one to ruminate on the endless possibilities if we could only just go back in time ..
presuming naturally that a life different from their present would be much better ..
like I wrote earlier this month , that a life different from their own would be much better ..

But as universal , powerful and relatable is Woody Allen's message of 'appreciating and living life in the present' , even more charming is the fact that its so beautifully woven in the movie that one doesn't even realize it ..

For me , before I saw the movie ' Midnight ' was only about Paris but Owen Wilson (sigh !!!!) kudos to him for playing his part to the hilt ..
and for making the 'un'reality of it believable , fun , goofy and yet sincere ..

Hands down a must watch this summer and I'll rate it a 4.5/5 :))

Have you seen any movie lately you really liked
and what's on your must watch list for this summer ?


  1. Thanks for the recommendation! Hope to see it soon!

  2. oh --- the wonders of movies. how i wish i can easily get in and out of the theatres but these days, i`m even lucky to have an hour in front of the tv myself.

    i will trust your word that this movie is a must-see. if i ever get some downtime, i`ll add this on my list!

  3. I like Owen Wilson very much!

    I really gotta make time for watching chick flicks...my husbands always watches zombie movies I stay by him...but when we put on a romantic movie he falls asleep!

    *thanks for the vote my Dear ;)

  4. saw this over the weekend and had absolutely no expectations b/c i had no idea of what it was about.

    i was pleasantly surprised, and felt really nostalgic too even though i've never been to paris.

  5. @ Faiza ..you're most welcome :))

    @ Elaine .. Awww , I can imagine how chaotic life would be right now but its a good kind of chaos , right :D

    and as long as you watch it , it doesn't matter when !!

    @ Clau ..haha I know ..men and these action/zombi / sci fi thriller movies ..its all they want :P and start making him watch your kind of movies before its tooo late or is it already ;)

    I wish we lived closer , we could all go watch movies ..that would be so much fun ..ahhhh !

    @ Sheba ..Exactly what one critic said , if you've been to Paris it makes you wanna go back and if you haven't it makes you wanna book your tickets ;)
    tsk tsk ..next vacation destination , maybe ?

  6. Thank you for doing this write up! I love both Woody Allen's work and Owen Wilson as an acotor so I think this one is right up my alley!!!! I will have to check it out since I have not been to the theater in a long time! ~Val

  7. @ Val ..It's going to be totally worth it :)

  8. I've been hearing about this movie a lot. So I think I will have to watch it :)

    And yes thank you I did receive your pretty mail. Thank you!

  9. @ Gracie ..You must watch it and am happy that you got my mail though I think I totally skipped the quote part .. aargh !

  10. looks and sounds like a great movie! thanks for the recommendation! I am visiting from the hop! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would follow me back! thanks so much!

  11. Priya, I am dying to see this movie! Not only am I a fan of anything Paris related, but love Owen Wilson and his quirky acting style! I'm so glad to read that you liked it! Now I know I have to see it! :)

  12. i havent heard of this movie....looks good

  13. Great! I had not heard of this movie until I read your post. And I'm glad you liked it because now I know what movie to check out next. Thank you for sharing! :p

  14. I am the person you'll be swapping ornaments with soon so I was browsing your blog. Came across this post and couldn't help but comment. I am so in love with this movie. My husband and I have watched it so many times it is ridiculous.


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