26 March 2010

# Fill in the Blank Friday

Its Fill in the Blanks Friday

Its Friday , yet another round of Fill in the blanks hosted by Lauren at the little things we do.. so here i go ..
1. The best piece of advice i was ever given was by my hubs and over the years i've learnt that 9 out of 10 times its just what i need so i might as well listen to him the first time ;-) !!

2. If i had a million dollars to give to one charity i would give it to CRY ..

3. If I got to choose my last meal it would be with loved ones ..i guess it wouldnt matter what is on the table ..what would make it more memorable is the company.

4. My hair is wavy and black and i want to try something different with it ..ideas anyone ?

5. If at first you don't succeed it means you haven't put in the required effort ..so pull up those socks and this time give it your best shot ..if you don't succeed forget about it :-P

6. I have always been very emotional , thinking from my heart more than my head and ive learnt it doesnt always work that way !!

7. Oh and by the way this is my new favorite quote ..
Happy weekend everyone !!


  1. i love doing lauren's fill in the blank friday as well.. this friday i haven't had a chance to do it because i'm hosting a ruffle inspired giveaway,i do hope you join in!

  2. #7 quote is a good one, I'll have to remember it!


  3. I'm a new Friday Follower! Visit me at www.rockindeals4you.com and sign up for my first giveaway!

  4. @ Jozen ..thanks for stopping by ..ill sure chk out your giveaway !!
    have a gr8 weekend !!

    @ Ken ..its precisely wat i needed to tell myself today..glad u liked it !!

    @ FJ ..thanks dear ..you're a doll :)
    am off to chk out ur blanks nw ..

    @ Rockin Momma ..thanks for stopping by ..ill drop in soon to :) happy weekend !!

  5. I'm stopping by from Follow me Friday ... Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comment (from Friday Follow). I'm trilled you decided to follow my blog too! I'm following ya right back!

    jeanette from www.sweetjeanette.com

  7. I love your answer to #3 (last meal.) When I saw that question all I thought about was food. But you are absolutely right, the food isn't what matters, it's the company.
    Thanks for your comment on my photo blog :)


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