09 March 2010

# Motivational # Quote

Everything happens for a reason ..

Today i am sharing another of my favorite quotes..this one's by Marilyn Monroe ... Since its one of those days where i could do with some inspiration , it just felt right to share something inspirational with you too ..
Hope this inspires you !!


  1. Oh, BTW, tell me more about this scramble thing. I'm super curious.

  2. Thanks Christie ..as for the whole idea ive sent you a mail ..check it out and lemme know ..Cheers !!

  3. That's a great quote. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow, after all!

    Friday Follow

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  5. ...sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together :)
    How I know that..
    And im happy youre blogging roz roz almost..good going Darings!

  6. truly inspirational.it all boils dn to thinking positive and focusing on all the good things in our life.keep smiling

  7. @ Heather ..absolutely rite :)
    Thanks for stopping by ..

    @ The Redhead Riter ..thanks for your comment and for stoppin by too !!

    @ Jess..thnks a bunch sweetheart ..my fav line of the quote too ..

    @ Mom ..damn rite !!


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