19 March 2010

# Fill in the Blank Friday

Its Fill in the Blanks Friday

I cant believe its been a week and i haven't penned down a word ..time does seem to be flying fast !! As for the whole week , well i've been busy and lazy , happy and sad ..ive learnt yet again that while you may or may not have a plan for yourself , life always has a plan for you .. and all one needs to have is faith and belief .. on that note i celebrate life and indulge in my favorite feature of the week Fill in the blanks hosted by the lovely Lauren at the little things we do ..you're most welcome to link up and play ...

Here are my answers :
1. Today i am wearing my pink tee and pink PJ's

2. My favorite childhood food was Chinese and my favorite food now is still Chinese ..i could have chowmein anytime of the day not to mention Orange / Kung pao chicken my fav dishes ..slurrrrrrrrp !!

3. A day that i am too busy is rare but the day i fall asleep before hubby does or before bugging him to chat with me some more is most definitely a day I was too busy :P

4. The last movie i saw was Road,Movie - a hindi movie starring the very hot and talented Abhay Deol and the next movie I want to see is Remember Me ..reviews anyone ??

5. My favorite smell is the smell of the first rain of the season, as it falls on the parched earth because nothing smells so good !

6. A weird little quirk i have is everytime i go outside the house , even if i have the keys , the access card etc etc ..i still check everything twice , sometimes even thrice.. it might feel like OCD but i always have the feeling i am forgetting something.

7. When i take personality quizzes they always say I'm an extrovert , make friends easily ..

Happy weekend everyone !!


  1. i love chinese food too! :) and hey, we both has the same movies that we wanna watch. here's trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFFas72-dTY haha, i understand your weird lil quirk there. have a nice weekend.

  2. Chinese food is my all time favorite!

  3. i wanna watch remember me too but prince charming is not into this kinds of films...boo!

    anyhoo, have a great weekend dear!

  4. @ FJ ..have already seen the trailer so many times ..all i wanna c is d movie now .. bt thnks :)

    @ Christie ..and your fav Chinese restaurant ?

    @ Yani ..Awwww ..i do hope you get to watch it though ...and thanks for dropping in :)

  5. Yay for Chinese food. :D And yes, first rain of the season's got this specical touch to is. :D
    And no, I really meant A Serious Man. I got those confused all the time. There is A Serious Man, and A Single Man. Two very different movies. haha. ;) haha.

    Happy weekend. :D

  6. i'm craving some fried rice now! :)

    "remember me"-- i can't wait to see it! we'll discuss when we both do, deal?


  7. i love the smell of rain too :).

    glad you played along.



  8. hi there...i got you an award. do visit my blog for more details.

    have a great day...=D

  9. @ Selma ..yup now i know they are both v different movies :P

    @ Micaela.. its a deal !!

    @ Lauren ..the pleasure is all mine :)

    @ The blonde duck ..you can join in and play along this week ..what say ?

    @ FJ ..you made my day ..thanks a bunch !!


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