02 March 2010

The Addiction

A hundred odd blogger templates , backgrounds and headers later, i think i've finally found a layout for my blog that im satisfied with.. at least i think so, for now..but im giving it a makeover, adding some gadgets, deleting others and tweaking some stuff.. Blame it on the change in season or just me i wanted a new look , a new perspective.. sort of like spring cleaning ..

However having said that , the remodeling wont stop me from writing posts... the Feb NaBloPoMo journey was quite an exhilarating one and while i may or may not go for March NaBloPoMo but i am sure i'll be quite frequent with penning down my posts ..i guess who ever said blogging was addictive , sure was right ..

I am now officially addicted to writing , and you ?


  1. I love the new layout Priya.. and as ever always looking forward to your thoughts and observations..
    Happy blogging..
    (hope I was equally inspired)

  2. I love this layout. It suits your blog just perfectly!


  3. It's very cheerful. Really like it, and I don't say that lightly because it takes something to get me to like pink. :)

  4. @ Jess ..im glad you do ..and yes high time you get inspired ...m waiting ...

    @ Snafugirl ..Thanks a ton dear ..it took quite some effort but im glad u like it too :)

    @ Emcogneato ..Wow ..i must have it done right then ..thanks for making my day :)


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