05 March 2010

# Ellen DeGeneres # Fill in the Blank Friday

Its Fill in the Blanks Friday

Im finally part of history.. i finally made it as audience for Season 7 for The Ellen Degeneres show and it was super super fun ..It was her Oscar special show and oooooh i still cant believe i was there to watch it live.. I have so much to tell you but that will have to wait coz today is Friday and its time for fill in the blanks ..a weekly feature hosted by Lauren at the little things we do .. So come along, play and link up here ..

1. One thing i MUST do before i die is travel the world with my partner.

2. I would rather not have someone as a friend than have someone without his/her own identity anyday ..yeah this one's for someone particular who btw is absolutely spineless

3. If i could give my younger self one piece of advice it would be to prioritize what and who's important in life and also to study as much as you can before you start working ..it doesnt come easy after that !!

4. If i won the lottery tomorrow id donate some , save some and spend most on travelling around the world with my family and good friends ..

5. The best surprise ever was when i was among the few selected for an All India Talent scholarship and i was in Std VI.

6. My biggest fault is i am too emotional and my heart rules over my head .

7. My biggest strength is ill have to agree with Lauren on this one that im a people person , easy to get along with , easily make friends and can make others feel at home and welcomed ..


  1. Identity is so SO important. I like your list. It's hard to be a friend to someone that won't be themselves. Travel the world? Awesome. I'd love to do that.

  2. @ Christie ..you betcha , so i consider myself better off for not having such a friend :)

  3. great answers!

    And I am so jealous you got see Ellen live. I <3 her!

  4. i hope you get to travel the world so i can live vicariously through you :).

    hope you had a good weekend!



  5. @ Mandy ..thanks and yes Ellen is one awesome amazing firebrand of a woman !!

    @ Lauren ..Thanks a bunch ..its one thing i absolutely love ..

  6. Travel travel travel...please travel..oz like Lauren said..I too shall wanna live vicariously through you..
    Although I do hope..I get to do it First hand as well :)
    about the identity-less pal..well sometimes it takes courage to be with such people, probably they need a friend more than anybody else does to make them see things clearly..maybe..
    Coz its when you least deserving of love..is when you need it the most!

  7. that is SO AWESOME you saw ellen! i just love her. always have :)

    #6... has always been my fault. through heartaches, i've been more numb, and i wish i thought more with my heart...



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