29 March 2010

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Remember Me .

I finally saw the movie i've been dying to watch ..yup it was one i shall 'remember' for quite some time ..if you havent guessed yet, i am talking about "Remember Me" ..

So what did ya think of the movie ..Liked it ? Loved it ?

Me ..? I looved it ..as rightly quoted in one of the reviews , the movie is " literate , sensitive often quite funny , altogether engaging.. ".Infact its quite an intelligent movie , its message being life is to be treasured and enjoyed every moment .. and thats the motto of my life too ..

Luckily for me , i hadnt read the spoiler laden reviews before , so the ending hits me with such unexpected surprise and force that i am almost numb for a second ..though i wish it wasn't so , i wish it had a happier ending but nonetheless its powerful !!

If you were me , you would walk in thinking of Edward Cullen and come out moved by Tyler's riveting performance ..and the sharp and edgy potrayal is exactly what made the movie work for me .. i had almost stereotyped him as the vampire but his performance complements the the dark and gritty New york , the near perfect backdrop ..
Someone even wrote that his chemistry with Ally ( Emilie de Ravin ) was more than he shared with Bella ( Kristen stewart ) coupled in all three Twilight movies ...well ill leave you to be the judge of that :P
Apart from R.Patz, i also loved the characters of Caroline ( Ruby Jerins ) and Aidan ( Tate Ellington) , they definitely bring such irrestible energy and charm to their roles ..
Not to mention my all time favorite Charles Hawkins or Pierce Brosnan , who i've loved ever since his Remington Steele days ..this movie leaves me wanting more of him ..

All in all , its a movie worth watching ..I'll sign off with a quote from the movie for you to decide ..
"Gandhi said that whatever you do in life will be insignificant ..But its very important that you do it "


  1. i didn't forget our promise to discuss this film, and you put it perfectly! i LOVED that quote from the minute i heard it in the previews.

    how beautiful was robert pattinson? NUMB is right... took my breath away, that ending.


    my bestie who lost her sister told me she related to what such a loss can do to your life...

    and didn't you love his relationship with his little sister?

    perfect review darling :)

  2. ohh me wanst to watch this one too..has it hit theatres already??pune mein toh nahi aya abhi tak :(

  3. I'm guessing someone probably dies...but it looks worth watching!

  4. @ Micaela ..you're a darling babes

    and i agree ..the little girl Caroline is abs adorable ..remember the scene where her hair is chopped and she calls home ..oh man i almost choked there !!

    i wanna watch it again ..and maybe we'll discuss more movies ..i am a sucker for them !!

    Once again thanks for your sweet comment !! you've made my day ..

  5. @ Sulagna ..def a must watch ! theatre mein nahi aaye to watch it on DVD bt watch it fr sure .

    @ Kristen ..its an awesome movie and the ending ..well you'll have to see it for yourself ..

  6. Hi, quite a nice blog you have!
    Was just blog hopping.
    Happy blogging!

  7. @ Nil ..thanks for dropping in and i hope you'll keep coming back girl :)

  8. Im a new friend from the FF. We are going to see this movie Saturday night. We have a great little outdoor theater near my home that plays double features on the weekend. Prices are great too...adults $6, kids $3, 5 and under Free. This weekend its How to Train Your Dragon and Remember Me. Something for everyone. I can't wait. Have a Happy Easter. Hope to see you over at my place sometime. Stop by to say hi and become a follower.


  9. I should go see that!! Maybe on Wednesday! I will!

  10. @ Joni ..thnks for stopping by ..i m followin u too now :)

    @ Sara ..hope you saw it and liked it too :)


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