03 March 2010

Where in the World Wednesday - The Ellen Degeneres show

Its Wednesday , time for Jessica at Classy in Philadelphia's weekly feature Where in the world Wednesday ..
The idea of WITWW is to post a picture of you , in someplace in the world ..It doesn't have to be somewhere foreign or tropical .Just a picture of you somewhere you consider travelling . It might even be somewhere in your hometown ..

Participation entails taking this button , the fabulous Feris and using it on your post ..Also once you've posted it , post the link here in the comments section , so we can all share each other's experiences and take a virtual vacation around the world .

This week i couldn't think of being anywhere other than, The Ellen Degeneres Show because thats where i am going tomorrow ...yipeeeeeeeeeeeee ..the last time i went to the show i only made it to the Riff Raff room which is where all those who dont make it to the studio audience , watch the show from and even though it was quite exciting , it wasnt the real deal .. So im hoping to see Ellen live in action tomorrow and i just can't wait !! The picture below is from the same day when i had Stand by tickets.
Have you been to The Ellen Degeneres show or any other live tapings and how fantastic was your experience ?


  1. soo jealous! hope you actually got to be in the audience. i LOVE ellen and would love to be in the audience!

  2. Is someone gonna be taping you sitting there..I wana see that biiiiiig smile of yours when you see Ellen..
    Gawd Priya im so J.
    mwaaahh..have a great time.

  3. @ Erin ..yes i finally got to be in the audience and loved it :)

    @ Jess .. i had a great time and now you know coz u've seen all the pics
    Yayyyyyyy !!


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