12 March 2010

# Fill in the Blank Friday

Its Fill in the Blanks Friday

Friday calls for Lauren's weekly feature Fill in the blanks..so here are my answers for this week ..If you wanna play just link up here..

1. The best day ever was the day hubby and me got engaged ..we knew our journey together had finally begun.

2. My favorite meal of the day is dinner because thats the only meal of the day you get to share together in peace esp on weekdays .

3. This weekend hubby and me are driving down to Big Bear lake and if not that , we are definitely driving down somewhere and i am so excited..

4. Never in my life have i travelled so much as i did last year and i just hope this year is as exciting if not more ..

5. The only thing better than a kiss on the lips is sometimes a kiss on the forehead ..nothing makes you feel so loved and secure and at ease , nothing else seems to matter .

6. I could really do with some ideas right now ..i need to get my man something special for his birthday ..

7. The recent thing i bought myself was cargo pants and i cant wait to wear them ..


  1. i always love reading your answers. i look forward to them actually :)


  2. Happy Follow Friday!

  3. I totally agree with you on the kiss on the forehead. I do love that.

    I am following you via Friday Follow. I hope you have a great weekend! I'd love for you to stop by and see me.


  4. @ Micaela ..thanks a ton :)

    @ Christie / Stefany ..Happy Friday Follow to you too ...will surely chk out your blogs ..

  5. good luck finding a birthday pressie for the hubs!

    happy weekend.



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  7. A getaway...plan that..for him.
    Some place he would love..

  8. Love your answers! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! Come by and visit sometime!

  9. I agree with no. 5 - that and a bear hug are enough to soothe your day. I like this Friday meme.

    Stopping by from SITs. You can find me at http://babesabouttown.com

  10. Hi,

    Found your nice family blog on Friday Follow, and am following you on Google Friends Connect.

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  11. @ Lauren ..Thanks a bunch :)

    @ Remodelaholic ..will def chk out ur blog ..thnks for stopping by :)

    @ jess ..doin eggjhactly dat :P

    @ Merry ..Happy SITS sharefest to u too !!

    @ Cheeky mama ..ill be dropping by soon ..thnks for stopping by :)

    @ Ron ..thanks for following ..and will most def chk out your blog ..everyone can do with some inspiration in life!!

  12. Hello!

    We came across your site through the FF and decided to follow your blog. We are looking forward to reading more of your posts. Come on over and visit us when you get a free moment. Have a fabulous day! <3

  13. Totally cute blog! Thanks for stopping by today!

  14. I love your answers those were so sweet!

    Happy friday!

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  16. Stopping from SITS! What great answers! A kiss on the forhead is very special.

  17. @ Freely living life ..will def chk out your blog ..thanks for following :)

    @ Nellyn ..i hope you're having a fabulous SITS day ..

    @ Orange juice ...happy friday to u too !!

    @ The Blonde duck ...thanks for stopping by !!

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