08 March 2010

# Friendship # Motivational

A Two Way Street

An extremely dear friend sent me this card today and it brought a huge smile to my face .. I dint quite remember it was Women's day today , neither am i one of those women who need a day to celebrate or be celebrated but having said that , i also admit it was quite touching to have received it and here's a big THANK YOU to you, my buddy, for sending this.. You sure made my day .. like you manage to ..always .. :)

I guess thats what friendship is about..its about those million little things , its about great conversations when you're together and longer conversations when you're apart , its about complaining that life is busy yet finding the time to remember each other's special days and events , its about showing you care through your actions and most importantly its about reciprocating, about being a friend more than just having a friend .. so if you're lucky to have real friends or friend, treasure your friendship and let that special friend know you do through your actions and if you don't have a real friend , well you're better off and here's a lovely message for you ...i came across it on the net ..
So , give up that chase and get down to prioritizing who and what's important in your life coz someone said, 'The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live ..'
Are you opening the right doors and closing the wrong ones ?


  1. Beautiful Blog Priya!!!!! life without "Friends" is meaningless. Happy Woman's Day !

  2. Ahh..What does one say about friends!
    blessed are those who have the affectionate company of true friends, and Im fortunate to enlist myself amongst them..thanks to God for lovely friends..such as yourself Priya :)
    I love you Darings ;)

  3. my girls r my best friends.i thank god fr this gift.

  4. I love this quote and needed it today. Thanks for stopping by my blog, looking forward to following yours! :)

  5. I needed this quote today. I'll spare you the details, but thanks for putting this up.

  6. @ Rahul ..thanks and good friends even a few make life so great :)

    @ Jess.. Muaaaaaaah sweetheart .. and cheers to our friendship ..

    @ Mom ..yes indeed :)

    @ Ocean dreams ..Thanks for dropping in too :) and m glad u liked d quote ..

    @ Christie ..You're welcome dear and you can share details too netime u feel like ..u have my bloggy shoulder :)

    @ Christie


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