02 November 2009

This is it .

A bittersweet testament to the fact that MJ was and always will be the greatest entertainer of all times, "THIS IS IT" the documentary has been culled from more than 100 hours of footage of the King of Pop's rehearsals for his 50 shows in London ..and while the debate continues as to whether Michael would have liked his fans to watch this footage or this is simply a gimmick to regain the money invested ,i refuse to comment because all i know is that im thankful to Kenny Ortega , MJ's friend and director for sharing this with the world ..

Watching the documentary is no doubt like watching a work in progress and i wish i could have seen the finished product but what is truly remarkable about this documentary is that this is probably the closest one can get to seeing MJ as he was , the man in his element ..
It almost made me forget for a while that MJ was no more , it felt oddly surreal , like i was a part of his crew , watching him , cheering and applauding him and as it came to an end i felt angered and anguished , having to live with the reality of having found and lost him .. yet again.. all in a span of less than two hours ..

"This is it " is not just for MJ fans, its for everyone who's ever hummed a MJ song ..Quoting MJ "Its an adventure , a great adventure , wanna take them places they've never been before , wanna show them times they've never seen before." and in true spirit , you see the man and his vision.. a concert that was , would have been mindblowing and truly mindboggling !

"This is it" reveals Michael in a completely different light ..this is MJ unplugged ..The critics may have claimed that MJ had reached his nadir but all you see on stage is a man oozing confidence, a man in total control ,at all times, knowing exactly what he wanted and how he wanted it ..He was the singer , the dancer , the musician , the architect and more , he was everything and he seemed more real and human than he had seemed in the last decade or so.

MJ was always a precisionist and his insatiable quest for perfection lead him to outdo himself every time he came on stage and performed for his ardent admirers ..these shows would have been no different ..the sets were fantastic and the conceptualization reflects sheer brilliance and thats where the tragedy lies too , as you are constantly reminded of the fact that there is so much more to the man who was never fully understood , so much more the world could have seen ..

Best summarized in one of the articles i read online, it says "Watching the documentary brings the echoing presence of Jackson back into his body and back on stage..where we came to know and love the man as a gifted performer. "

I too found the documentary to be both visually appealing and sonically arresting but I think i am still in a state of suspended disbelief cause the movie in itself is such an incredibly, emotionally charged voyage ...its a tug on my heartstrings coz on one hand it makes me celebrate having seen this verbatim and unmediated rare behind the scenes footage of MJ as he was , on the other hand it makes me silently weep because he's gone too soon and i dont want to bid good bye ..not yet ..but in MJ's own words , words that proved prophetic ..
"This is it ..This is the final curtain call " ..


  1. Your ceaseless love for MJ clearly shows. I still have not seen 'This is it' and Im doubtful if i will see it. But thanks for writing so beautifully about it..although I just can't get over the irony of the phrase 'This is it'..cz this actually is it..no more MJ! :(

  2. Unfortunately J, the words proved more prophetic than MJ wud have himself thot ..its sad ..
    RIP MJ ..God bless you !


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