02 December 2009


The truth is never appealing but the truth is sometimes the best of friends grow apart ..

You might have shared the best of times and the worst of times , you might have spent hours discussing serious stuff or whiled away time in plain inconsequential banter, you might have shared wise cracks and dumb jokes ,you might have laughed till u cried and then cried remembering times u laughed .You might have made a lot of memories together but it all suddenly seems a thing of the past now ..

Now you find it hard to have even a simple conversation , you feel awkward and uncomfortable , you feel there's nothing in common..

Infact you're in a state of disbelief and feel despondent especially if it happens with a friend you seem to have known almost all your life..It makes you reflect on all the years gone by and the credibility of your relationship...It makes you deliberate on what brought you together in the first place and what has changed ..It makes you ruminate on how you managed to grow apart in the process of growing up together..

Is this the point of no return or a crossroad ?
Is it natures way of saying it wasnt meant to be ?
Is it time to move on ?
None of the above options seem plausible or legitimate , you've invested so much in your friendship that you're not ready to let go and it compels you to contemplate on the meaning of friendship ..

So what is the meaning of Friendship ?
What does being Friends mean ?

Friendship is a relative term ..it means different things to different individuals ..
For me friendship involves a relationship ..
it means being there for each other when you'd rather be somewhere else ..
it means taking the time out for each other from your busy schedule ,sometimes to talk and sometimes just to listen ..
it means doubling your joys and dividing your sorrows ..
it means telling each other what they need to hear not what they like to hear ..
it means moving on together and not leaving the other behind..
it means making a positive difference in each other's lives ..
it means making life simpler and happier ..

Friendship means more than i can explain in a few sentences , after all it isnt just one big word , its a million little things you do for each other and like every other relationship being friends requires a bit of hard work too ..coz its not just taking ..its giving back too !

Someone once told me friends are best categorised into Best friends , Guest friends and Pest friends in order of their usefulness ;-)
In a lighter vein , whichever category i classify my friends into , here's a friendship oath i read on the internet that deserves a read and a good laugh :D

Friendship Oath

When you are sad,
I will get you drunk and help you plot revenge against the jerk who made you sad.

When you are scared,
I will laugh at you and tease you about it every chance I get.

When you are worried,
I will tell you how much worse it could be and to quit complaining.

When you are confused,
I will use little words to explain it to your dumb ass.

And when you are lost,
I will answer my cell phone and give you directions.

When you are sick,
I will hold your hair while you pay homage to the porcelain god.

When you fall,
I will point and laugh at your clumsy ass.

This is my oath, I pledge till the end.
Why you may ask?
Because you're my friend.


  1. Friendship means a lot. Friendship means a lot.

    Friendship is the means to no end. Friendship knows no end.

    I can write a whole journal on what fiendship is and what it means. And it is only because I have friends with so much substance in them. And youre shining in the top rungs darings...mwaaah

  2. Thnks J ..you're no doubt my biggest fan and i appreciate nd thank u for your comments ..
    And also for being the bestest kind of friend one can have ..Love you ...Mwaaaaaah !!

  3. Very well written sister.....
    Tumne mere dil ki baat bol di... Jahan kabhi hum ye kehte the ki "When X will win, I'll proudly tell the world HEY! THAT'S MY FRIEND BUT When X'll lose I'll sit by his side and say HEY! I'M UR FRIEND".

    But now i say DOST DOST NA RAHA

    Basically the truth of life is that:
    Every one is gud 2 u till u xpect nuthing from them and u r gud to them only till u fulfill their xpectations.
    So this is the time to move on and whatever happens, happens for gud only... so mast rehne ka, tension nahin lene ka......

  4. Very aptly said Bhai !
    Infact the only way to have a friend is to be one yourself and if you cant be a gd friend you dont deserve a gd friend either !!

  5. mere do do best friends have written here :P
    i love u guys and thats what friendship means to me...

  6. I know Jess is one best friend bt Rohit is d second one ..nw thats news :-P :-D ..
    I guess thats wat Friendship means too ..when my friends r ur friends and vice versa :-D :-D

  7. very aptly said Misri and Priya keep up the good work and I just wish that people who pretend to be friends shud just stop it :)

  8. I agree Surabhi.. there is no place for pretentiousness in friendship !!

  9. Nice Post :) I feel.....

    Friendship the "enduring" kind often comes so cleverly disguised...its easy to overlook.
    True friendship is NOT the kind that...books...movies.....hallmark & archies cards talk about. It is strong yet simple enough to live with.
    Friendship to me means the comfort to pick up strings from where I have left.
    Friend is ONE such person- who will be there even when I have really messed up.
    Being friends does not mean that goals are identical. But if I want something I know ...my FRIEND wants it desperately for me.
    TRUE FRIENDSHIP tells me that- it is alright to have DIFFERENCES as long as we are not indifferent.
    TRUE FRIENDSHIP reminds me that- on days you don't like each other...ALWAYS REMEMBER that you love each other.

  10. Wow Preeti ..i dint even kno u read my posts :)
    but thanks fr ur feedback and i hope ull keep comin back to give me sm more :)
    As fr Friendship , well v never can get down to xplaining wat it means rite ?? Its like i said its a million little things and it means diff things at diff times to diff ppl ..
    But good or bad , cheers to the friends v have ..they make r life so much bttr or worse ;) :P :D ..


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