04 September 2009

Happy Teachers Day.

School life is reminiscent of so many memories , good memories like playing pranks , evening classes , making lifelong friends and not so good memories like heavy bags ,homework , punishment , its reminiscent of teachers who inspired me and teachers who brought out the wicked side in me ..and speaking of teachers particularly ignites memories of this one particular day called Teachers day ..

Historically it is the day we commemorate the birthday of the reverend academic philospher,the Great Teacher and scholar Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan ..but Teachers day to me as a student meant no classes , no assembly , no homework , it was a day purely marked for fun ..it was a day to let the teachers be the children for a change and a day for us to pull their legs ..

Infact taking a dig at your most favorite teacher or most hated teacher is somehow an inevitable part of a students academic life...
Below i share with you , my school and college friends, fond remembrances of the good ol diggin times..

Ms Sen , who was my class teacher year after year after year till i prayed she quit school ..
Ms Tiwari , my Hindi teacher who never thought twice about beating me , being the Principal's daughter dint matter ..
Ms Ray , my History teacher whose class was a perpetual laughter lesson , now which teacher shows a hand and doesnt whack :P
Mr Siddique, my geography teacher whose punishments were simply unique , designed to purely embarass and humiliate, but not me , i was his pet :)
Ms Taneja , my biology teacher whose diminutive stature was a facade she used adeptly to handle the strongest of adversary meaning students here ..
Ms Chatterjee, my English teacher who was a strict disciplinarian and that meant standing outside her class even if i was just ONE second late ..
My accounts teacher whose class meant time to sneak lunch boxes across rows and under the tables to satiate hunger pangs :)

My Management teacher in college who taught us the subjects of life , sometimes more than her own subject :P
My Economics teacher who was more popular for what she wore and how she taught than what she taught ;)
My accounts teacher who always threatened to throw me out of the window even if i did answer her questions ..
and there was this one teacher who we thought needed a crash course in basic fashion and then this other one who bored us with her endless examples , all the while shakin her head ,reminding me of Amrish puri in the movie Damini ;-)

I could go on and on but i guess im kinda nostalgic now ..no matter how much fun i've made of my teachers ,i will be eternally grateful to them for making me who i am , for imparting the most valauble lessons of life , for being beacons of light and guiding me , for moulding me and shaping my future .
School and college would have not been the same without you !!

Thank you for everything and wish you a very Happy Teachers day :)


  1. Hey sis........this is a gud one but u forgot to name Mrs Jayshri Krishnan and Ms. Shrilekha Benarjee who was in the hit list.....
    But these teachers we can never forget throughout our life as such they were the one who got gud out of us.....
    So thanks 2 all of them and u 2 for again reminding me of those golden school days.....

  2. Nostalgia se bhar dete huey hum sabko!
    shukriya ;)

  3. Lovly Priya...but you forgot to mention our Principal(Kochitty mam)..
    and i got to remember Rupa Sen mam.
    Thanks to all of them for shaping us as we are today.....A very happy Teachers Day to all of you

  4. this was a trip down memory lane...
    the weird thing is that i am on the other side now and kids might think of me like this years down the line... i just hope i give them fond memories :)

  5. Thnks Bhai ...
    @ Jassu ...netime sweetheart :)
    @ Sattu ..my principal was my mom ..kya main apni mom ka mazaak uda sakti hun :O
    @ Behna ..Im sure u wil give them lots of good memories to cherish :) ..Gd bless u !!


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