27 August 2009

Love Actually.

God bless her..the first words that came to my mind when i saw Gattu's engagement pics...theres nothin more gratifying than seeing two people who love each other as much as they do , finally beginning their journey of life together and as i finished looking at her album , i knew all this love was bound to be make me all mushy and mentisental ..and sure enough nostalgia crept in and i remembered the day we got engaged ..the day we began our journey ..

It was magical and it still seems like it happened just y'day , the rituals, the ceremonies , the exchange of rings ..most importantly us exchanging glances and smiles conveying silently a promise that dint need to be expressed in words , a promise of a happy-ever-after ..Five mnths later and the promise was now a reality ..we were married and then a bigger realisation dawned on me , that it was easy to marry the person you love , the real challenge was in loving the person you marry , every day in a thousand different ways.

The happiest of "in-love" couples would agree that Marriage is not always a cake walk and just HAPPY times.... there are BUSY times , TOUGH times , CRAZY times , INSANE times, STRUGGLE times , DECISION times , FIGHT times , HATE times and GIVING UP times but like the change in the status of your relationship , love changes too ..love grows , love has a whole new meaning and love is accepting that Marriage is a lot of hard work and responsibility and love is being ready to put in that effort daily to keep the romance alive ..

Barbara De Angelis said,

"Marriage is not a noun , it's a verb. It isn't something you get , it's something you do. Its the way you love your partner every day."

I guess im blessed to be married to someone who knows its as important to live life with each other as its making a life for each other.Life after all is pretty bland without love.

So this ones for you SUGAR , for making my life fo fweeeeeeeet !!


  1. i am soooooooooo ooooooooo jealous...
    that ought to say it all... :)

  2. U shdnt be sis ..soon enuf ull hv ur chance too ;)..its upto u to make d best of it ..

  3. Im speechless..but in a forced away.
    You stole 'em all..every bit of it..
    I grudgingly love you a lot for it..and in the very same breath send up a prayer for the two of you..my darings & t2s!
    Thank you. You inspire.

  4. U rock babis ;) ...thnks fr all ur encouragemnt !


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