18 September 2009

When Dreams come True.

Barbara Padilla Vs Kevin Skinner ..i was on tenterhooks ..these were the finalists of America's Got Talent ..who would be the winner ?
I waited with bated breath as Nick opened the envelope and read aloud "Kevin Skinner " ... i was thrilled .....yayyyyyyyyyy !!

If you were following AGT ( America's Got Talent ) as religiously as i was you would know that it was a close call , i mean who would have thought that Kevin Skinner would beat the odds and emerge a winner but he triumphed , he outshone all the other talented finalists and grabbed the top prize winning $ 1 million and a chance to headline in Las Vegas ..

Strangely , it was not long before that Kevin Skinner, the unemployed chicken farmer was almost made fun of by one of the judges David Hasselhoff during the auditions when he asked him " How many chickens did he manage to catch in a day?" in response to his admission that he was a chicken farmer by profession , bearing an uncanny resemblance to the way Susan Boyle was scoffed at, when she came onto the stage , however , much to the judges chagrin the result was pretty much the same in both the cases .. Once Kevin Skinner sang , the judges had no choice but to applaud his emotionally charged performance and acknowledge the fact that Kevin Skinner was here to stay ..

Now post his victory some people are hailing him as the American version of Susan Boyle while others are occupied with trashing him and giving him flak for being the winner saying he doesnt deserve it since he neither has the voice nor is he a " Vegas performer" ..what these people are forgetting is that, its their votes and appreciation that has crowned him the winner and that they need to grow up !!

Its been a long journey from singing on the porch to singing on the stage and i agree that Kevin Skinner may not be the strongest performer or have the most phenomenal voice but nonetheless he sang from his heart , he has the unique ability to connect with the audience and move them to tears ....He's a diamond in the rough and he was waiting to be discovered and i thought among his various attributes his humility , his Kentucky drawl and his style of singing were extremely charismatic .... He is what the show is all about , the essence of the show about having a talent , a dream despite his humble background , about having the strength and belief in his own dreams giving him the courage to perform and finally pulling it through :-) ..Font size

Kevin Skinner's emphatic win has reinforced my faith in the fact that "No dreamer is ever too small and no dream is ever too big " , you just have to believe in yourself ..

God bless u Kevin Skinner..May all your dreams come true !

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