28 September 2009

Triumph .

Over a leisurely cup of coffee yesterday , me and my hubby found ourselves going down memory lane and discussing what Dussehra meant to us as a child ..

So while my fondest memories were of sitting atop a car , my sibling in tow , watching the gigantic effigies of Ravana , Meghnath and Kumbhkaran being burnt one after the other ..

My creative better half , remembers it as toiling hard the whole day to build an effigy of Ravana just so he could immolate it and then celebrate seeing all his efforts go up in flames ...literally :-P

Life has surely changed a lot since those days , we've grown older , more mature so to say and our juvenile tantrums have been replaced by responsible behaviour.. but there has been absolutely no dearth of mirth ( pardon the pathetic rhyming of words :-P ) in the way Dussehra is celebrated .. Infact the festivities associated with it have grown bigger and better with each year ..what with rotating effigies , the ever so flamboyant costumes and the ostentatious display of fireworks ..

So what if i cant sit atop a car or have the time (or creativity) to build an effigy?? Growing old or being in a different country is no reason why i cant celebrate Dussehra ..

Dussehra as we all know, is rooted in the Hindu epic of Ramayana and is a combination of two words " Dus " meaning ten and " hara " implying annihilated .. its a day when the ten faced demon Ravana was defeated by Lord Rama signifying the victory of Good over Evil ..

So while Dussehra is being celebrated with joie de vivre back home , i am celebrating the spirit of goodness that Dussehra brings and vow to always destroy the Ravana within me and keep the Rama alive ..to always vanquish the evil within me with the goodness of my heart and deeds..

Here's Wishing everyone a Happy Dussehra ..may your evil twin always be too good to be evil ;-)


  1. really reminded me of old days sis... coincidentally we were just remembering those dusshera days at rdso aaj hi...

  2. those were the good ol' days sis wen we were young :-P ..ab hum buddhe ho chale ;-)

  3. i kno... those days were awesm !!!

  4. Its a forgotten festival..almost ..for me.
    As a kid..wow..the effort that went into preparing ravana..and buying crackers..then setting him on fire..so much fun..and it also meant..20 days to go for diwali!!! so the excitement doubled..
    Now..well..we are so caught up in our lives..there's no time for any of this.
    even the kids of today do not know that joy which we as kids knew..
    But im thankful..i got to see those days..and best of all..
    share it with my dearest friends ..with whom I have a collective memory bank..muaah
    thanx darings for the rewind :)

  5. @ soumaya ..they def were and v were lucky to experience them :-)

  6. @ Jess ..Yup v do grow old and change and r priorities differ, v hv more responsibilities bt like i said earlier ..v shdnt get so busy making a life v forget to live it ..
    And we've been lucky enuf to experience it and therefore its upto us to keep the magik and spirit alive so we can pass it on ..

  7. First things first... I cant believe its been two years!!! :-O
    Its like, mentally youre still some few months away.. but in reality two years or more have passed by...
    Whoever said "time flies" ..knew exactly what he was talking about.
    Happy Dussehra my friend.. May the Good always prevail over the evil..


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