28 October 2009

Happy " to be together " Diwali .

Well thats the spirit in which i celebrated Diwali this year ..well eventually so , not that it started this way especially since i was pretty bummed about spending it away from home sans family and friends ..

Infact that is pretty much the reason i havent got down to blogging despite the fact that i had a plethora of things on my mind..
Dussehra kind of sets the tone for the month long festivites with the Navratas , the Durga puja , Karvachauth ,Diwali and Bhai Dooj and here i was feeling all but festive ..

Diwali to me is a joyous reminder of things that matter most to us like family , friends.. its a harbinger of all things good , being with loved ones, shopping for new clothes, gorging on mouthwatering sumptious sweets , gaining a few xtra pounds ;), exchanging gifts and bursting firecrackers and so naturally i felt disgruntled and i sulked ..

As the D Day approached , i was even more convinced it was going to be a sad , lonely Diwali and i felt nostalgic looking back at last year's photographs reminiscing about all the fun we had.. infact i could easily say that last year's Diwali was definitely one of the best Diwali's ive had and kinda special too especially since it was my first Diwali at home after marriage ..

And then amidst all the sulking , i realized i wasnt appreciating what i had.. and i had my best friend , my partner with me .. I was miles away from home but life isnt always the way you plan it to be though how you do live it is completely your choice , i could be joyous for what i have or morose for what i didnt and so better sensibility prevailed .. thanks to my better half .. who as always came to my rescue lifting me from the depths of gloom and taking me to the heights of ecstasy..(maybe thats one of the reasons your spouse is also known as your better half coz in my case esp he almost always knows what to do , better than i do )..

On the day of Diwali hubby and me did everything associated with Diwali , shop for candles and diyas , gift each other new clothes and arranged to send loved ones back home sweets , cook a scrumptious dinner and dessert , pray and offer obeisance to the Lord Almighty and light up the house with all the glittering diyas and candles .. A seemingly ordinary Diwali had turned into something really special ..I was happy and content ..

I had celebrated a Happy to be together Diwali ..
I had decided to count my blessings :) ..


  1. Lovely!
    I always believe one must count their blessings!
    And Im happy that you decided to be happy on Diwali despite being 'just the two of you' to celebrate. That in itself is a special Diwali :))
    Missing you both...like always.

  2. Miss u too J..and yeah Counting one's blessings is always a happier way to live becoz Change is the only thing thats constant in life so cheers to change :) cheers to life :)


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