10 December 2009

Truly Madly Deeply.

"The first time i saw him , my heart skipped a beat
The first time he saw me , he just wanted to be my friend..."

And thats how it all began for us ..From being friends to best friends to sweethearts to betrotheds to finally becoming husband and wife..its been quite a journey ..and on 5th of Dec we celebrated 12 years of togetherness and 3 years of wedded bliss ..

An anniversary of love is always a special occasion coz its a reminder of all the beautiful memories you've created together over the years and its a celebration of the happiness and joy you bring in each other's life everyday and most significantly its a time to renew the vows you made , a time to reiterate your promise to each other ..
a promise to continue loving each other unconditionally..
a promise to create many more precious memories together ...
a promise to discover and enjoy new things about each other ..
a promise to enrich your lives with more laughter and joy

And while you make the promise to strengthen your love and marriage for forever , its only fair to also take the time to thank your partner for those everyday little things you take for granted in a marriage .. So on our anniversary of love , id like to say thank you sweetheart..
Thank you,
for having the good sense to choose me even though it took you 12 whole days..
for always loving me , esp at times when i deserve it the least but need it the most..
for always giving me unsolicited advice hoping i might pay heed..
for taking care of me when im sick , literally and otherwise ..
for never letting me sleep over an argument because you want to argue more..
for cooking great meals regardless of the help you get from me ..
for doing the laundry even if it means washing only your clothes..
for your sense of humor despite knowing all your jokes are aimed at me..
for making sense out of all life's nonsense..
for being my better half but accepting ill always be the best..

Id like to thank you much more but then that would entail making fun of you and you know i dont like that :P
On a serious note ..Life surely wouldnt be half as fun or crazy if it was'nt for you ...Thank you for being you :)

Me Y You.


  1. I like this post... b'coz its not a concoction of high sounding words .. rather a reflection of OUR reality
    It sure has been a helluva ride with you.. and am loving it !!
    And... u are the best :) .. not that I have multiple options to compare :P
    ♥ u too, now and forever

  2. Your love is all i need honey..Love is what makes everything worthwhile , even putting up with you :-P :-D

  3. Sis, u have all those ingredients which can make u a good writer....:)Achcha likh leti ho...mere saath rahkar kuch to seekha...
    But otherwise very well written and xpressing the love amongst u guys in the most simple and plain language......aur vaise bhi me being the common frd for both of u have seen u people relationship getting stronger day by day.....
    And wish u and sachin a very happy and prosperous life ahead.

  4. You leave me wishing I could say/write like this too..and I mean more the reality of this piece than the style :-) (you know what I mean)

    I really love this piece..and I want to be lucky enough to tell your kids what lovely parents they have..and what a sweetly real couple they make!

  5. @ Rohit ..thnks fr ur blessings Bhai :-) but u shd know by now ur not our common friend ur part of our family and thnks fr always being there fr us :-) Love u !!

  6. @ Jess ..Thnks sweetheart fr loving what i write always ( muaaah ) and Im sure u'll soon feel the way i do and def be lucky enuf to tell ur kids too ;-)
    You have our blessings :-) Love ya babis :-)

  7. Every time i read your post.. more i am forced to think how can a person string words in such a beautiful way.....its amazing Priya....
    n U guys Rock....both Sachin n U are an amazing couple and it feels proud being your friend..

    Have a great life ahead and cherish many more such beautiful moments....:)

    god bless..

  8. i know late in the day...
    but this is ur best piece i think...

    because its completely, honestly true... and that shines through

  9. @ Sattu ..Thnks so much buddy !! It makes me happy that you like reading my posts ( even tho ive to force u smtimes ;-) )
    And As fr being our friend well the pleasure is ours equally :-) ..

  10. @ Sneha ..Better late than never sis ;-) :-P
    As fr being the best piece ..well WOW ..thnks ..m truly honored u feel that way :-)
    Love ya ..

  11. Oh wow - you guys met the day I got married! It's worked out better for you though - we divorced a little later. It's a lovely post though - I wish you many more years of happiness! Stopping by from SITS - Happy Saturday sharefest!


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