22 August 2009

The Journey.

I hardly slept that night . News that Nikhils condition had worsened made me wonder if he would be able to make it through the night . Morning came and my worst fears were confirmed . Nikhil had passed away.

I dint know Nikhil personally nor had i met him but i knew him because he was going to be a part of the family soon and the news
of his sudden death had left me shaken.

It felt like i was watching a movie ..first the meeting , then falling in love and then the separation.

But this was no movie and i was finding it extremely hard to come to terms with this brutal reality . I moaned his loss and weeped for my cousin whose life he was to be a part of . I thought life would never move on but its been a week now and no matter how hard i try ive still not been able to muster enough courage to call her up coz i seem to be at a loss for words but i pray for her and i pray that the Lord gives her enough strength to cope with this.

Nikhil's untimely death to me was a reminder that Life indeed is fragile and one should not get so busy in making a life for oneself that one forgets to live it coz in the words of Abraham Lincoln

" In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."


  1. i dont know what to say either...
    what u said left my teary eyed..

  2. Big lump in my throat ..that i just cannot seem to swallow.
    God can be so cruel at times..It becomes impossible to see sense in such things. My heart goes out to your cousin.

  3. God always has a reason ..we may not understand it today but whatever he does he does it fr r own gd ..So even in d most tryin of times ...one needs to hv faith !


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