24 August 2009


Gattu Singh is a friend i sort of got in Dahej ( Dowry ) meaning she was only a friend of my husband's till we got married and then as is deemed and a repercussion of marriage all our friends became 'common' friends. However having said that, i was initially curious to meet her since very few people do manage to impress my very hard to please husband and even fewer women so Gattu making it to the esteemed list kinda gave me reason enough to raise my eyebrows.

Well i dint have to wait long and i met her on Christmas eve in the year '06 and believe you me , the minute i met her , we hit it off like a ball on fire..She's the best kind of friend one could ask for and i wish i had met her earlier.

Its been three years since we became friends and we've had a great many conversations since then but i particularly remember one of our first conversations where we were talking about " Love " and she so naively asked me " How do you know if you've made the right choice ? How do you know he is the one for you ? " ...and i looked at her and smiled ..I guess almost every single person in a relationship goes through this phase of uncertainity when you doubt your own choice because you know not what the future holds for you and maybe its the unpredictability that makes it even more harder ...

I am no expert in love but i know that deep down in your heart you just seem to know when you've met your perfect match... becoz he fits in perfectly, you just know that for better or for worse he's your better half... becoz he completes u , and you know that he's someone who'll always be there standing by your side through all the trouble you would'nt have had if you had stayed single ;) ...

I guess " Love " is just a word until that special someone comes along and gives it meaning and i know now that just like i knew , she knows now too that shes found the one - her special someone.

So here's to Gattu and Sam Singh , as you two exchange your rings and solemnise your love , i wish that

"For all your lives may you find in each other the friend of your heart , the joy of your world and the love of your life "

All my love and blessings :)
Happy Birthday dear ..
P.S - Ditto from Hubby too :D


  1. awwwww... this is so incredibly sweeet... :)
    everything that everyone thinks about sometime or the other and u just u phrased it just about perfectly...
    bheary nice... :)

  2. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
    You are conquering both by writing this way.
    I love every bit..every turn of phrase you make.
    Keep it rolling....please :)
    Congrats to your friend..she, like you is truly blessed. Touchwood!

  3. yep congrats to your friend...
    guess jassu it runs in the family...

  4. thnk u S..neha and Jassu for ur encouraging words..this means a lot to me ..Love u both :)

  5. Wow!!! I am speechless after reading this post, Priya. I am so so so touched and honored sweetie *hug* I had tears in my eye when I finished reading this post. You guys really made my day super special. You are one of the most treasured friends I have got in my life and I will be thankful to Popat for introducing both of us. Love you loads dear :) :)

    Thank you Sneah and Jasmeet for your wonderful wishes :) :)


  6. I jst wrote frm my heart dear..dint kno it wud move u soooo mch bt the pleasure is all mine :) and trust me m equally blessed to have a friend as special as u ..Love u lots :)


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