03 September 2009

The Preface .

" The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page. " said Mark Twain.

Well i have read a few chapters now, repercussions of being married to someone who works as an IT consultant ;-)

Jokes apart , to have someone who's so fond of travelling can be a real blessing and out of all his habits that have rubbed off on me , the keeeda ( bug ) to travel and explore new places is by far the best one ..

Travelling to me , brings a certain kind of joy ..
the joy of disrupting the routine and mundane life ,
the joy of being able to unwind and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.. like a leisurely walk in the morning or soaking up the afternoon rays at the beach ..
or just chatting late into the nite with friends over a game of carrom and sipping coffee ..

Travelling may not always mean exploring a new place... it might just be a weekend with friends ..whats important is the experience of travelling beyond the boundaries of the expected and coming back completely rejuvenated :-)

Saturday morning is when the rejuvenation experience or the Labour day weekend begins, when staying true to the spirit ,the labour that is 'me' gets a break from all the hard work she puts in everyday, when 'four' friends get together and drive down to Lake Tahoe often dubbed as the perfect year round vacation and wedding destination..
Cant do much about the wedding part ;-) but surely hope to have a perfect vacation ..

So adios amigos and wish me luck !!


  1. Sis.....Enjoy ur weekend in LAKE TAHOE and gud luck.........

  2. Well......forget your routine days of Oat,Milk and surfing etc....enjoy Lake tahoe...and have a great weekend.....Tc

  3. nice, fresh and light...
    cool sis

  4. thnks bhai nd motu ..i intend hvin lots of fun :)
    thnks behna..ur d coolest :)

  5. refreshing laga padh key..image si create hui man main ki haann...exactly!!
    hope you have fun..enjoy..and i await the tahoe ke blog posts..

  6. thnks jess ..its indeed a beautiful place to be in ..hopefully fotos and blog shall follow soon ...love ..P


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