18 January 2011

# Happy Mail # Swaps

All you need is L♥VE swap

Even as Blue valentine , the movie I watched yesterday , tore my heart .. I still believe in love ,in making it work ..and I guess I always will ..
Love to me is everything , its the soul of life ..its what keeps the fire burning !!
And therefore I kick off the Valentine day celebrations today with this - " All you need is Love Swap " ..yayyyy .. am so stoked ..
but wait , there's more in store ..
Remember this - my Love bytes feature ..well its back too .. and this time with a lil twist ..You've got to wait to see what I've planned this year but for those of you who're new here ,its the time of the year when every day for the month of Feb , a love byte is featured or simply put Love is celebrated ..I've a lot to do, lot to plan but I'll keep you posted and you ..you stay tuned :)

and meanwhile join me for the swap
  • email me at priasingh82@gmail.com with the subject as " All you need is Love swap "
  • mention both your postal address and blog link and if you're willing to send overseas ..
  • you must sign up by 31st Jan and send your package by 5th Feb so everyone receives it well in time .
  • there's no limit to what you'd like to spend but $15 bucks is a nice number .
  • don't forget to include a Valentine's day card with your favorite love quote ..it just makes it so much more endearing ..not to mention personal
  • Also Valentine is all about the reds and pinks so put in a lil color and send three things you love ( it could be a movie, book,baked goodies , jewelry , artwork , absolutely anything that you associate love with ) ..be creative and send as much love as you can ..

Off you go now ,
♥Spread the word, share the link and join me in spreading some Valentine cheer!♥


  1. what a sweet idea! i'm a little tight on the funds right now since i don't have a job, but i hope it goes well and you have fun!

  2. this is a really sweet and creative idea!

  3. HI there! Thanks for the follow! Your in the giveaway...good luck! yes Kary has the lead with 16 entries! but you never know my Father in law buys Lotto tickets here in CA all the time and never hit the jackpot...lol! you never know! I'll be seeing you in blogoland!

  4. What a brilliant idea!
    This is soo sweet!

    B xx

    P.S. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such interesting comments!
    It means the absolute world!

  5. Yes I know, we're neighbors! My husband is from LA his mom lives in South Gate, my sister lives in Chino, my husband has uncles in Landcaster and Palmdale and some other cities, we bought or house here in Hemet 1 1/2 yrs we're from San Diego/Tijuana area. I drive to San Diego every weekend almost!

  6. @ Oceandreams ..no problem at all :)

    @ PopChampagne ..welcome to my lil space and thanks :)

    @ Claudia..wow ..I went to San Diego this last week on my b'day, watched the sunset on Sunset CLiffs Blvd ..have you been there ?

    @ Betty ..thanks and think about it when you're back frm the wedding ..


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