13 January 2011

# Motivational # Quote

Thursday Thoughts # Make it Meaningful ..

Old friends pass away , new friends appear .
It is just like the days ..An old day passes , a new day arrives .
The important thing is to make it meaningful :
a meaningful friend or a meaningful day.

~ Dalai Lama ~


  1. I was reading the Dalai Lama today! I find it comforting to look for inspiration in what others say--famous or not. I think that's what I miss most about my nanna not being around. She always had a way with words and listening to her just made it seem like everything was going to be okay.

  2. Oh, I love this quote. And the photo is beautiful. Thank you so much for stopping by my site and visiting! I so appreciate your sweet comments!

  3. love the quote, especially the part about friendships. i am going through that part in my life right now.


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