26 January 2011

# Birthday Celebrations # Family

Magical Moments ..contd..

The title was only apt because just when I thought my birthday was over ..here's what I receive in the mail from back home..
Thank you , you guys for sending so much love ..
My sis ,I love you for taking the time to make me a card ..Its precious despite the hints at healthy eating ;-) :-P
and mommy , I love you for choosing the kind of card that made me both smile and cry at the same time ..

and since we're talking about birthdays , I have to also thank my lovely friend and neighbor Teresa, coz look at what she did ..
Yes , she baked me a cake ..It was the most thoughtful gift ever and I just want to say again ..thank you T ..and did I tell you it was the yummiest ever ??
I have a feeling that this might just be my year , presumptuous as this may sound since the year has just begun but I have a good feeling, coz apart from all the loveliness I've received for my birthday ..I've also got this ...
Yup, I am the proud recipient of
from FJ @ Theta Cube
and amidst all the hoopla of the award season, this sure seems like winning the Academy because its indeed an overwhelming feeling to be appreciated and acknowledged, so with all my heart, thank you ladies for thinking of me,keeping up with me and reading all that I write ..

I am blessed ..
and truly its life's lil blessings that are the most magical..


  1. How thoughtful of your neighbor! and it does look yummy delicious! I love that picture!

  2. yep u did do wat i asked..
    my card looks pretty lame though... colourful but childish... :)
    the cake looks absolutely awesome

  3. Happy Birthday Late. That scarf is so pretty on you. The cake is so sweet. Glad to see you got spoiled for your birthday. Congrats on the awards, well deserved. It's a great way to kick off YOUR year.

  4. Love the Cake!!! I am so glad that i found your blog! I am now following your blog and would love it if you could follow me back at http://mizzreviewlady-mommyreviews.blogspot.com/ Thanks so much!

  5. So happy to see you winning hearts and people loving you back :)
    Big hug to your neighbor Teresa...
    Hope you get your other set of goodies soon too ;)
    Love you loads *hugs*

  6. ok, first i have to say --- BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    it's always nice receiving mail from family. though a phone call is sweet as well, having them spend that extra time sending you something in the mail is just precious. and that cake looks uber delish!

    i'm glad you had a great birthday --- and i'm positive that you are on your way to a BEAUTIFUL AND SUCCESSFUL YEAR!!!

  7. Thank you mention me !!! I just thought on giving you a gift as sweet as you are. And Viola !! The cake was there..... :)

  8. @ Claudia ..thanks dear ..I am really lucky to have such a good friend who's also my neighbour :))

    @ Saaaneha ..Its not lame ..I love it and the cake was yummyyyy :P

    @ Una ..It is indeed a great way and thank you for your wishes :)

    @ Mizzreview ..Thank you and I am dropping in soon ..

    @ Jassu ..I am really curious as to what and how but you know I love you for thinking of me ..*hugs*

    @ Elaine ..Yes , its always special to receive something that takes effort , time and has loads of love ..and thank you for our wonderful wishes dear ..

    @ Krystal ..thank you and welcome to my lil space .

    @ T..what can i say ..Muchos gracias and muchos amor ,abrazos

  9. you ARE blessed! as you should be.

    happy belated sweetheart!

    i wish i could have celebrated with you because that cake looks DELISH! ;)

    this will be your year... i feel it! xo

  10. Thanks so much Mickey :) and yes the cake was delicioso :D


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