06 January 2011

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Here's to life and the best laid plans ;-)

I am sorry I didnt mean to yell :P but I am still so happy ..the holidays were good and the New year's begun on just the kind of positive note I wanted.. Also, if Day 1 is any indicator of how this year is going to turn out , boy oh boy am I in for a crazy year ...

So day one of the New year kicked off with us heading to Morro bay , a 3 and a half hr drive from where we live ..
or maybe not ..
Actually it started with complains of how I never wake up on time, almost never get ready on time and therefore there was no point in driving the 200 odd mile coz it was way too late.. which by the way if you're married, you just know that the madder he gets, the more you love him ;) ( sometimes the loving takes a while though :P) and more importantly that the destination is not quite as important as the ride even if it comes with its share of pee breaks :P

So with all the excitement, we drove on but guess what, we never made it to Morro Bay coz by the time we reached Pismo beach ,the bright sunny morning turned into this chilly rainy afternoon.. Our destination was another 25 miles but it seemed like we had reached ..The beach beckoned ..and a magical sight it was , watching the rain dancing on the ocean waves ..feeling it fall on my face and kiss my lips as I walked hand in hand..

Thats how life is too , isn't it ?
You make plans for life and sometimes along the way life has plans for you ..
and to truly enjoy the life that is waiting for you, sometimes, its best to let go of the life you've planned, to take a risk, play along who knows what lies beyond..

and Mark Twain rightly said,

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do.So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover. "

and I am going to do just that ..What are you exploring , dreaming and discovering this year ?


  1. Happy New Year!!! Such a beautiful post! All I'm hoping now is to quickly know which uni I'll be heading to. Wish a great year 2011 to you... :D

    Have a great day...

  2. Lovely..what an apt way to start a new year :)
    And rightly put.."you make plans for life and ..sometimes along the way life has made some plans for you"
    Hoping this year..to be what ive hope it to be..and more.
    here's to a New Year..and hopefully a new beginning.
    Happy New Year Priya. May God Bless you with an awesome year full of travel, happiness and love and lots to write about.. :)

  3. hi i am your newest follower
    have a great friday!
    please follow back:)
    From Cristin To Mommy

  4. OMG, why does it seem like you're writing about my life and not yours? I'm referring to the complaining about how we wake up late, there's no use in going now, etc. I can maybe add that I'm also met with "What do you mean you have to pee again??" every time I request we stop at a rest area. I really enjoyed this post!

  5. Loved this post, P. So well written and so very meaningful too! Hugs......

  6. @ FJ ..Happy New year to you too and I hope you get into the uni of your choice and have loads of fun and maybe some studies too ;)

    @ Jassu ..Yes , I am hoping all your dreams/plans come true too .. and thanks for your best wishes always ..
    Also I do hope I write a lot this year :))

    @ Cristin ..thanks for the follow and I am following you too :)

    @ Bella ..you had me laughing ..damn I thought I was the only one :P and I get the same exact ques every time along with " how much can one pee :D " .. Men I tell you !! but so glad you enjoyed it :)

    @ C ..Thanks so much and sending you my best wishes and hugs too ..


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