10 January 2011

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Movie Mondays - The King's Speech ..

Remember this post when I had started the weekly meme Movie Mondays ..which apparently lasted just about a week :O ..So not intended ..
So anyways with all the enthusiasm I can muster, I am infusing fresh life into this meme and doing it all over again.. and meanwhile counting on your support..

I had the pleasure of watching today's movie with my friend Teresa also a blogger who blogs @ checalamovie.net.. She writes in Spanish but don't forget to show her some love too ..
So the movie I watched is "The Kings speech" -a conventional Brit period drama about the royal family at a critical moment in history but conventional it is not ..
Infact to tell you the truth I had lil or absolutely no clue what to expect going in, from this movie except that it revolved around the speech impediment that plagued the King.. and the fact that hubs categorically said I wouldn't like it coz its not the genre of movie I usually go for and that made me a tad bit nervous too .. but I bet you its one of those poignant and powerful movies that have you admitting soon enough that you're going to love this ..and I did absolutely !!!!
and more so, for once I was more than just glad to prove hubs wrong ..I was relieved :P :D
The opening scene of the movie finds you in Wembley stadium , waiting for the Duke of York's address but what follows is acute embarassment for him as his words get stuck in his throat and every stammer and stutter seems to resonate louder than the previous, and this embarrassment and anguish deeply shared by his wife ..
and that sets the tone for the entire movie with Colin Firth , the shy, repressive, bullied by his father and overshadowed by his brother, Duke making this colossal effort to overcome his speech impediment with unrelenting support from his wife Helena Carter and an unlikely friend he finds in Geoffrey Rush - his speech therapist..

Superbly crafted and excellently written , this film boasts of brilliant scenes peppered with great comedic dialogue between Firth and Rush that keep you on the edge of your seat laughing out loud and thoroughly entertained ..

The movie builds up, incrementally leading to " The King's speech " which I guarantee will leave you speechless !

I would love to tell you more but if you appreciate good cinema you've got to watch this one and even if you don't go watch it to prove yourself wrong ;) ..Truly Oscar-worthy performances ..I hope Firth , no more " A Single Man " clenches this one !


  1. You know, I always thought Colin Firth was such a cold fish when I saw him in the Bridget Jones' Diary crap...but then I saw his performance in "Pride and Prejudice" and my opinion changed. Lovely review, by the way! I will definitely have to check out this flick, even if it is British...:)

  2. I'll have to check this one out. I love all three of those actors.

  3. I've been wanting to see this film but on the fence about it. I'm glad you proved your hubby wrong ;)
    Thanks for the sweet words earlier. How do i follow you? Can't seem to find a follow button.

  4. so glad you liked this! everyone i know who's seen it loved it and i can't wait to see it too!

  5. @ Bella ..You'll love it !!

    @ Ken ..Watch it and tell me how much you liked it , you sure will :

    @ Curvyeveryday ..I was relieved more than glad :P
    And the follow button is at the bottom right hand side ..

    @ bklyn76 ..Its most def the movie of the year !

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  7. Here I go again....
    Lovely review !! Thank you for mention my Blog. I love yours too !!! We have more homework to do regarding the movies so be prepared.... :)

  8. I love A Single Man,I love Colin Firth and I can't WAIT to see The King's Speech.

  9. i feel SO behind on movies!!! this is one i DEF. want to see. Love colin firth-- so classy and AMAZING talent. My sisters went and saw this last night and had rave reviews too!

    ps. it was fun to "watch" the award show with you and kary ;)

  10. @ Teresa ..Thank you for your sweet comment and yes am always game for watching more movies ..I think we make a great team :)

    @ Mo Pie ..Its a movie not to be missed and thanks for your sweet comment :)

    @ Mickey ..Oh I agree ..I had a blast ..Kary got us both going :P
    and I am yet to see The fighter and Black Swan so I am not totally ahead either .. but your sisters are right ..dont miss this one ..Infact Chip shd love it too !


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