24 January 2011

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Movie Mondays - No Strings Attached ..

This love story is about Emma and Adam ..
Adam played by Ashton Kutcher is his usual puppy self , the ever charming , adorable and considerate guy who's looking for love and commitment while Emma played by Natalie Portman is a medical resident who works emergency shifts , has 80 hour weeks and no time for a serious relationship ..

They decide to tread the unfamiliar path of having a physical relationship without an emotional one and simply be sex friends, mutually consenting to pull the plug if either of them gets any serious 'feelings' ..

But sex without love ..yeah right ..like it ever happens ..
So, ironically and soon enough they find that there are strings attached, pulling them closer ..
and from there on the movie ambles along journeying the all too proverbial route of denial , break up , loss and eventually the realization of being in love ..

It is no doubt your usual run of the mill romcom's, but it is surprisingly witty and entertaining.. The funny one liners and the oodles of chemistry keep you glued to your seat ..
and Natalie Portman ...I think I've fallen in love with her ..

in her own words from the movie ..
she gives me 'premature ventricular contraction '

she makes my heart skip a beat ;-)


  1. No strings attached! I will put it on my list! Priya did you add me to swap list? international is ok!

    Thanks for your visit, the B-day wishes and your compliment! You made my day!

  2. I've seen the previews for this & I've been on the fence about watching it, but if you say it's a go I just might. ;)

  3. i will have to watch this soon --- unfortunately, i don't seem to have any time for movies. but sappy romantic comedies are a must on my list anytime!!!

  4. @ Claudia ..Yes dear , have added you and you're welcome :))

    @ Miss Sara ..Its a good one if you go sans expectation ..

    @ Elaine ..Mine too ..I always pick these kind of movies first and can never get tired of watching them either :)

  5. this one is on my list and i'm actually surprised by all the good reviews i've heard so far...i wasn't expecting much, but now it's not so hard to convince my husband that it won't be a waste of money!


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