30 January 2011

# Love Bytes # Valentines

Let the Odyssey of Love begin..

Just one day to go before Feb begins and Valentine month celebrations kick off..
Just one more day before I fill your lives with the color of love coz Love Bytes is back people!! Yohooooooooooo ...

I'm nervous but super excited..for those of you who're new here , let me just fill you in quickly..
Last year for Valentine's I had started this tradition of writing a love byte everyday for the entire month of Feb.. you can check them out here ...
and since it was so popular, I'm bringing it back and this time I'm being joined by my blogger and non blogger friends from all over the world to give you your daily dose of love..and you don't wanna miss all the fun that's happening..right ?

So just bookmark this page and be back everyday for your daily dose of love or love byte ..
and all I ask you in return is to reciprocate the same love that you receive as so many friends share their hearts , love stories , learnings ..
as so many friends share LOVE ... !!


  1. Good luck with this, Pri...I remembered and will mail you soon :)

  2. I wish you luck Darings..
    But im still clueless as to what's expected of me..and a bit anxious too..
    batao na..

  3. @ C ..Thanks nd I'll send you a mail with all the info in a day or two :))

    @ Jassu ..Thnks babe and don't worry..sending you a mail too ..it will have all what you need to know !

  4. That is the cutest photo. Did you do it?


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