30 December 2010

# Motivational # New Year

L'arte d'arrangiarsi..

"There's a wonderful Italian expression - L'arte d'arrangiarsi - the art of making something out of nothing. The art of turning a few simple ingredients into a feast.. or a few gathered friends into a festival..Anyone with a talent for happiness can do this."
~an excerpt from my current read ..Eat Pray love ..

With New Year just around the corner , waiting with bated breath to come knock on my door,these words are even more significant to me..because they inevitably reflect the reality of life we sometimes forget..the fact that life is about ' this moment ' about Now..
Perfect or Imperfect, Opportune or Inopportune, People or Situations, Something or Absolutely nothing ..its our perspective.. its the way we handle and deal with it ...

coz no matter how hard you try , every once in a while there are things that go wrong , there are friends who become ungrateful ..
as I reflect on the year gone by ..even though things haven't quite gone that wrong, people have.. Infact I've had more than my share of ' undeserving ' friends.. and believe you me, I've sulked and moaned,got angry with myself because my friendships , my relationships , they are important to me.. and I take them seriously..
Perhaps too seriously sometimes..

and therein lies my learning from this year ..

The fact that there will always be people who deserve you and who don't ..
and people who bring you down , take you for granted or don't give you the respect you deserve--they DON'T deserve you ..
people who say all the right words at the right times but don't convey it via their actions--they DON'T deserve you either ..
and these are people who are best left in the past ..

As I embrace the New year , I know I have yet another chance to get things right and therefore L'arte d'arrangiarsi..thats going to be mantra.. because someone said,"Many things can make you miserable for weeks, but there are few that can bring you a whole day of happiness"
and I am going to turn that " Few " into " Many " ..
Thats my mantra , thats my plan ..
What's yours ? What have you learnt from this year and what do you wish to change ?


  1. so true and wonderfully written !!!
    happy new year sis !!

  2. (visiting from the Friday Hop-mommato4blessings)

    what a beautifully written entry.

    and now I realize I may not have a talent for happiness. I am not sure I cam make a feast our festival out of a few things/people.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Yes, that is a wonderful expression. ;) Thanks for sharing it.

    There may always be “those ppl” but I have learned that we choose what we do with them, how we react, and even how we allow them to make us feel. & I am choosing to continue pushing forth w/ my visions, things that have been instilled w/in me for yrs that are finally coming to pass & not allow anything or anyone beyond my control to hinder me.

  4. I hope your year is going great so far!

  5. @ Soumaya ..Happy New yr to you too my darling sis ..may this be YOUR year :))

    @ Kimberly ..Everyone has a talent for happiness you just have to find it ..

    @ Miss Sara ..I couldn't agree more ..let this be the year where ppl like these don't get to either of us :)

    @ Sara..SO far so good ..thanks for dropping in :)

  6. Hi~ I am you newest follower from the blog hop & would love it if you stopped by and returned the love :)



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