12 April 2010

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Date Night

I haven't been feeling too well today but here's a quick update on the weekend ..While Saturday was pretty much at home , Sunday was 'Date Night' for us .. and a happening one at that :)

Hows the movie you ask ? Well, despite the theme being the usual run of the mill kinds , its still a charming movie ..
Its about this ' boring couple from New Jersey ' who put in sincere efforts to keep the spark alive in their stagnating marriage ..but they are so embroiled in their mundane lives that even their ' date night ' is pretty much a routine with them eating the same meal @ the same place ..and thats where the movie is strikingly honest cause its transparent in its dealing of how they choose to show their marriage ...and this transparency reflects through out the movie ..

The movie soon picks up pace, at the uptown seafood restaurant Claw where Phil and Claire decide to go to , with a case of mistaken identity and there on the screw ball comedy becomes even funnier and more ludicrous but amidst all the craziness is a scene in the car when Phil and Claire discuss their marriage and you ,like me will identify with it ..

You'll identify that marriage is not always a cake walk or a bed of roses , there's sweat , toil and hard work , there are fights , arguments and make up sessions ,there's the wringing his neck and loving him all at the same time ..but if you're content and happy , its all worth it ...like Phil tells Claire
" If i had to do it all over again the family , the marriage , the kids ..id still choose YOU "

Me too , Hon !!

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  1. Oh me too! If I was suddenly given a "do-over" on life I wouldn't change a thing! Frustrations and all, this has to be the most incredible ride of my life!!!

  2. Hope you feel better! I've been wanting to see that movie -- might drag the boyf now after reading your post. :)

  3. @ Joanie ..Amen to that !!

    @ Annie ..yes i do feel better, thanks so much !
    and the bf wil surely enjoy the movie .. im waiting for your review :)


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