08 April 2010

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Easter Weekend @ Palm Springs ..ver 3.0

No trip is complete without retail therapy ..wouldn't you agree ?
If you do , well you won't be disappointed cause thats what we pretty much did on Day 3 of our Easter weekend ..We checked out an hour earlier and headed to the Desert Hills Premium Outlet, a colossal outdoor shopping mall that houses all the brands your heart desires and more.. Its a 20 min drive from Palm Springs and one a half to two hour drive from LA which by the way is hardly a deterrant for those like me who're always ready to shop :) and so we shopped like the whole afternoon .. and found some great stuff .. like this top ..
isn't it gorgeous ??? it screams summer to me and the color def one of my favorites which my guess is you already know looking at my next purchase ..
but isn't this linen shirt the perfect summer wear ? there were other color choices too , like white and pale blue but green was the winner for me ..
But clothes wasn't just it , there were accessories bought , like this belt,which has been on my must buy list for quite a while..
and this wristlet ..
tsk tsk Coach had quite a sale going on ..20% off on your entire purchase apart from the discounts they were already offering :D :D and that was icing on the cake , so much so that even hubs ended up buying a wallet for himself ..

But that wasn't the end , the already quite happening weekend had one more thing in store for us ..the earthquake ..and with that the trip came a full circle ..
Nature had shown me all ..the good , the bad and the ugly !!


  1. I am a purse-aholic and I LOVE that little bag! I adore the rest of your purchases too, but that purse! Gorgeous!

  2. I love that green color! It is my favorite!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog...I am your newest follower. :)

  3. @raisinganarmy ..purse-aholic ..oh i am so with you ...i never seem to have enough of handbags either :)

    @ Amy ..Thanks fr stopping by too and dont forget to enter my giveaway too ..cheers :)

  4. Oh! So pretty. What a great color! I love it! I want summer clothes in that color for sure as well! : ).

    Coach is definitely a problem store for me. I love every single thing there : ) Super cool wristlet. Very nice!

  5. @ Life with Kaishon ..thanks for stopping by and i am with you on Coach ..cant have enuf of their bags and do drop in to participate in my giveaway too :)


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