05 April 2010

# California # Palm Springs

Easter Weekend @ Palm Springs

I have a hangover and before you jump to any conclusions i must tell you its not from drinking ..i had yet another awesomest weekend ..and even though there was a lot of driving involved i can tell you we had quite an amazing time ..
well it was easter weekend and surprisingly hubs was off from work too , so off we went to Palm Springs , a 2 hour drive from LA that can stretch to 4-5 hrs if you're caught in traffic..Luckily for us ,we started early and made it well under 2.5 hrs around 11 am ..
If i had planned the itinerary , we would have had four hours to kill before check in but since it was Hubs at work , my Mr.organized had already booked tickets for our first stop , the Palm Springs Aerial tramway ..
If you haven't been on the tramway , then you should know that the Palm Springs aerial tramway is the largest rotating aerial tramway in the world and ferries 80 passengers at one go ..the elevation being from 2500 odd ft to 8500 odd ft with a temperature difference of almost 30 degrees ..all this in approx 10 minutes ..
The ride up was positively thrilling, the rotating tramcar gives you a panoramic 360 degree view but even more breathtaking was the view from up above ..it was non pareil ..
on one side lay the desert
on the other side the scenic mountains, trees and lots of snow ..
We spent around 2 hours up at the mountain station walking through the Mount San jacinto State Park , clicking pictures , eating at the ala carte restaurant and the food was quite delicious esp the spicy chicken soup ...mmmm..

All in all ..my rating - this is an absolute must visit attraction in Palm springs..

Then at 4pm we checked in at the Villa Royale Inn , recently named one of the " West's best small inn's " by Sunset magazine ..and the minute you step inside , you know why ..

This is the entrance
One of the two courtyards leading up to our room
and finally our room
Isn't it marvellous ?
I loved it and i sure hope, i get the opportunity to stay again :)
and that concludes Day 1 of our trip .. more on our road trip tomorrow ..
See ya :)


  1. Like the new look, P. I voted but wanted to tell you too - it's neat, and classy and very readable!

  2. @ Corinne .hey thanks a bunch :) ..tho i still have quite a lot to do ,im glad u like it ..

    @ Ken ..yup it was quite scenic ..nature at its best :)

  3. i envy u.lovely place and the view
    very picturesque

  4. Looks absolutely gorgeous. I want to go on vacation right this second after looking at your lovely photos!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the birthday wishes. You're too kind.

  5. @ Mommy ..yaa yaa , i know you do :P

    @ Erin ..There's more to come ..and thanks for dropping in too :)

  6. Absolutely beautiful. Looks like a wonderful place to vacation!

  7. @ Raisinganarmy ..thanks a ton for stopping by :) it was indeed a lovely place and a perfect vacation spot :)

  8. I've been there! It was a few years ago but I had a lot of fun- it's gorgeous up there! :)

  9. @ Bethany ..i totally agree ..its indeed a visual treat :)
    and thanks for stopping by ..


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