28 April 2010

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Every Journey Begins with a Pair of Socks ...

"Why do men hog the remote ? Refuse to stop and ask for directions ?Have such a hard time sharing their emotions ? Why can't they drop their socks in the laundry basket instead of near it ? What does a man mean when he says 'uh-huh' ? ( No, it doesn't always mean he's not listening ) "

And thats what this book - Husbandry written by Stephen Fried is all about ..It talks about Sex Love and dirty laundry - an insight into the minds of married men ..

Drawn from his own conversations with his wife and other fellow husbands aka married men , this makes for one hilarious read .. im only half way through at the moment but im having an incredible time reading it .. and having said that i must also mention that i havent gained any particularly incisive insight into my man's mind but the book does claim to tell a woman more about her man than she'll ever learn by asking him ..well ill just have to finish it to know that , won't i ?

Have you been reading or read any interesting book lately ?


  1. Im getting this book from you right??
    And methinks you should start freelancing for book/movie/holiday reviews..wat say?
    Ure writing is so wanting me to read..aah a luxury for me right now :(

  2. Ah, but would a single person enjoy the book, too?

  3. Oh jess ..u can have ne book you like..jst tell me when r u comin over to get them :P :D

    and yeah Snaf ..single or married ..its worth a read !!


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