20 April 2010

# Giveaway

And the Winner is ..

I can't believe its been almost a full week i haven't had the time to write something in here or for that matter even read blogs ..and even though id love to be regular sometimes its kinda difficult and this is one of those times ...
I aint going to bug you much xcept that today is the day when one lucky winner wins a fabulous pair of vintage earrings from Alex keller ..and the lucky winner is ..# 6

Congratulations Joannie @ raisinganarmy ..im so happy for you .. !!
I hope you enjoy your fabulous gift ...and dont forget to send me an email with your address and also your favorite pair of earrings ..
Special thanks to Alex for all her support and for hosting this giveaway and thanks to everyone who participated too ..

And before i sign off , another giveaway is on the way ..so stay tuned ..
Cheers !!

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